Product Owners

If you have a product that you would like featured on Daily Punt then please contact us

We have regular spots available for product owners who can supply useful and informative articles that will entertain our audience. In return we will focus attention on your product.

Affiliate Program

Daily Punt has a generous affiliate program for partners who have traffic they want to monetise.

The Daily Punt affiliate program pays you for leads that sign up for our updates.

Our landing page is currently converting at 59.8% and we pay £1 for each unique lead that registers.

We also pay bonuses for affiliates earning over £100 in a month.

Earn £100 we pay £110 (& £1.10 for each lead over 100)
Earn £250 we pay £300 (& £1.20 for each lead over 250)
Earn £500 we pay  £700 (& £1.40 for each lead over 500)

Refer over 1,000 leads in a month and we pay £1.50 per lead

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