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Exploiting Bookies Laziness

I’m back from rainy Scotland refreshed and rearing to go (ish).

Hopefully everything ran smoothly in my absence and I see that Gary gave some winners and made a good profit for those that got the prices.

I’m not fully up to speed with everything yet having only just got back into the office a couple of hours ago, so was struggling a bit for what to write.

So I started reading and found an excellent article in the Betting School Insiders Report about how bookmakers methods have changed over the years and how they currently create their early prices.

And more importantly how to exploit this.

Exploiting Bookies Laziness

In a nutshell, it goes like this…

In the old days they had in house expertise, sharp minds to create their odds lines and more importantly these sharp minds knew what to watch out for with regards to changes in conditions and shrewd money coming in.

These odds compilers took on the big bettors in a battle of whits and guile.

These days Mr Bookmaker is focusing on his easy money, from slots, virtual racing and games of chance. All activities with a guaranteed edge and guaranteed profit for Mr B.

So he gets his early prices from an outside supplier!

This is all well and good, but the tissue prices come in 24 hours ahead of racing.

This means that any changes that occur in the 24 hours leading up to the race are not accounted for, and bookmakers are not smart at adjusting for changing factors accurately.

Because? Because they didnt create the prices in the first place so they dont know how much emphasis has been placed on any given factor, or what importance any change may have.

The article is written by the highly respected Rory Delargy of and is a real eye opener.

If you’re not yet a Betting School Insiders member, if you join in the next few days you can read this article before the next issue comes out – go here

Today’s Selection

Leicester 3.40 White Vin Jan – win bet – 4/1 Boylesports


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