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Money Management is a key skill of the serious bettor and a topic that we cover regularly

£40,000 per Annum, Risk Free

Today I’m going to be reading a pdf that promises to show me how to make £40,000 per year risk free!

Here’s the headline from the sales page…

In Risk Free Money Formula, I share everything with you and explain exactly how I make in excess of £40,000 per annum, tax free, without using any of my own money and without any risk of losing.

No gimmicks, no half-revealed strategies forcing you to buy even more information to put the whole picture together, no complicated situations that you couldn’t possibly duplicate, no tricks and no nonsense.

That’s a big claim!

It goes on to say…

I will share it all and when you have finished reading the Risk Free Money Formula book, you will be able to…

Make Bets That You Know Cannot Lose!

Put An End To Bookmaker Account Closures!

Grow Your Income using totally free money!

I’ll give you my initial thoughts on this later in the week, when I’ve had a chance to digest the methods.

The guide is written by two people that have good reputations so I’m expecting to be impressed, you can read more about it here

Today’s Selection

3.40 Chepstow Barton Stacey – win bet – 11/4 Coral


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