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Betting systems are a key short cut for the bettor and a great way to profit for not much work. This page links out to our systems pages.

Missing Mal

Mal Pett has gone AWOL this week which I imagine is because he is working hard on the launch of his new betting product.

So in his absence I’ll give you a brief overview of what he is offering.

Basically what he is offering is a huge portfolio of betting systems.

These systems are all proofed live for at least 3 months before they released to members of the Elite Racing Network.

Members can see all the stats for all the systems and decide which ones they want to bet by checking a box.

Your system selections are then delivered each day either for you to bet manually as it were or to free software that will place your bets for you.

If you use the bot the whole process will be automated, so you just choose which systems you want to use and then set and forget it.

There are a whole bunch of other benefits including live webinars and telephone support and I probably havent done the Elite Racing Network justice, so if you’re a fan of Malcolm’s and want to find out more about his life’s work, Click Here.

Today’s Selection

Perth 15:40 Romany Ryme – win bet – 4/1 Boylesports


Buy One Get Two Free

It’s a BOGTF offer 😉 But it closes at midnight tonight 😮

Value Backing has a super summer one day sale today that you’re going to want to check out.

Value Backing topped the proofing table at Race Advisor for 2014 and are currently showing 105% ROI for the last 30 days.

So the offer is 3 months Value Backing and Value Backing Extra for the price of 1.

So that’s just £34.99 for 3 months access.

This will give ample time to check out the service.

But that’s not all!

You will also get access to the Sprint system trial selections which are currently being proofed to VB members.

And your own copy of the Glorious Goodwood system that made huge problems at last years festival and will hopefully do the same this year when the festival kicks off on July 28th.

Here’s the link which will work until midnight tonight.

Today’s Selection

19:30 Stratford Zarawi – win bet 3/1 Bet 365


Malcolm escaped…

After escaping (Read more here)

I have something important to share…

Creating your own systems can be frustrating.

You put a lot of research in only to find out what you thought would work…Didn’t

Overtime you have break through’s.

Some are just small ones that you make mental notes about but others can be quite large and change the way you actually do things.

In this article I want to share with you one such breakthrough…
(It was the reason for the kidnapping)Continue Reading


Stop at a Winner

Our 50/1 shot was withdrawn yesterday, so nothing lost and nothing gained.

Today we have a column from Malcolm Pett and a selection from a Luca Cumani handicap system.

Recently I have been experimenting with combining systems that select similar selections but in different ways.

The idea came about when I started sending a friend (David) of mine the selections that I felt had the best chance of winning…

…And we would cross match them with his selections.

The reason we decided to try this was because we come up with our selections in different ways.Continue Reading


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