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Betting systems are a key short cut for the bettor and a great way to profit for not much work. This page links out to our systems pages.

Yankee revisited…

Sorry I was meant to carry on talking about the lay system this week but I still haven’t got everything in place so I thought I would revisit the “Yankee” trial instead.

I do a lot of “open testing” which is where I give people the chance to watch systems for anywhere from a few weeks to months and in some cases longer.

I first introduced the “Yankee” selections in May of this year.

So I thought as we have had them available for almost 3 months it would be a good time to see what has been happening.

To be honest the trial has been a little up and down but you would expect this with selections that are trying to win an 11 bet multiple.

A “Yankee” consists of 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

They don’t all have to win to make a profit but when they do it can be a tasty return.

Yesterday’s selections were a good example.

17:10 Wolv Borough Boy – Won 5/6
17:35 Worc Lord Lir – Won 3/1
18:05 Worc Oscara Dara – Won 2/5
20:35 Worc Canicallyouback – Won 8/15 Won

They weren’t all big winners but the Yankee would have returned £653.67 at £10 stakes.Continue Reading


Building up the bank.

Before we get to this weeks reviews I have a couple of news items.

First off Skybet have a refund offer on the first race at Goodwood.

Bet up to £25 and if your horse loses you get a free bet (which you have to use within 2 days)

Here’s the link

Second up if you still fancy betting with Carl Nicholson and Value Backing then, although some of the bonuses have now gone, you can still get 3 months for the price of 1.

When we started reviewing the Bank Builder things looked promising but the strike rate just wasn’t good enough to return a profit at the early prices from the Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers let alone at Starting Prices.

By the end of our first month we had managed to accrue a loss of 17 points.

The author actually apologised to us for this poor performance and promised that if we continued monitoring the service there would be a return to form.Continue Reading


Free PDF’s

Good news, I just found out that the On Course Profits magazine now has a free pdf version.

So if you wanted to read the systems and strategies that have been published in the free magazine since it launched in December, but you don’t have Apple or Android devices to read it on, you can now read it on your PC. Or any device that can read a PDF.

To get all the back issues just go to and at the bottom right of the page there is a button to access the pdf back issues.Continue Reading


Lay Systems continued…

In last weeks email I tried finding two lay selections using the place cards from the Grey Horse Bot website.

These cards are a bonus we give members with lots of different ratings that allow our users to research different ideas.

In this case I am  not using them to find place selections but to identify possible lay selections on the main market.

My goal is to just get 1 correct everyday to make 1 point (before commission) per day.

Last week’s first selection was correct and 15.40 Lingfield The Cashel Man came 2nd.

My second choice 17.10 Lingfield Whosthedaddy actually won the race and at 3.53 was not a very good price.

My goal is to eventually automate the process of at least finding a short list but I am not sure about the final decision yet.Continue Reading


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