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Betting systems are a key short cut for the bettor and a great way to profit for not much work. This page links out to our systems pages.

Is there a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow?


News: Before I tell you about Rainbow’s End we have news of a new product that is available from today.

To be honest I don’t know much about it, but it comes with promises of big wins for very little effort.

To find out more for yourself Click Here

Rainbow’s End is a service which has been created by an ex Financial Times author, Val Harrison, and is marketed by Thames Publishing.

For your money you receive a high quality 46 page manual which details the method and overall it is simple to follow. If you are a newcomer to the gambling world it is still simple enough for the complete novice to understand.

The method itself is a low risk arbitrage style method where you take early prices with the Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers, but you take them in such a way that any losses you may incur are very strictly limited but, any potential profits are maximised and highly profitable.

It is very similar to All By The Book by Steve Davidson which some of you may already be aware of, and which received very positive reviews. The author of Rainbow’s End however claims that he has actually built on this original method with additional enhancements.

He includes suggestions on how to take the opportunity when it arises of making money every day together with tips on how to keep the bookmakers happy enough that they are happy to keep your betting account open, even when you are winning.

Val also sends out a weekly email where he outlines his own daily activity and shows you how much money he himself has made during that week.

At a one off cost of £199.00 it doesn’t sound cheap, but average that over a 12 month period and you are looking at less than £17.00 per month.

We will keep you posted as to how we get on with it but in the meantime you can find more details here.

Today’s Selection

13:40 Southwell Frivolous Lady – win bet 13/8 Paddy Power


Fixed Brush Trends

Josh ( , is away this weekend, but before he left he sent me over his trends and notes for the Fixed Brush Handicap.


Saturday Big Race Trends: 2.25 Haydock ‘Fixed Brush’ Handicap Hurdle Grade 3

8 previous renewals, 136 runners, 31 placed horses


5/8 Top 3 LTO

  • 5/65 runners, 17 places… 62.5% winners, 48% runners, 55% places

8/8 Aged 5,6 or 7

  • 8/80 runners, 22 places…100% winners, 59% runners, 71% places
  • 0/54, 9 places aged 8+, 40% runners, 29% places
  • 4 yo – 0/2, 0 places

8/8 Carried 10-10 or more

  • 8/92 runners, 26 places…100% winners, 68% runners, 84% places
  • 3/8 Carried 11-12
    • 3/9 runners, 5 places, +28.5 points
  • 0/44, 5 places carried 10-9 or less. 32% runners, 16% places

6/8 OR 141+

  • 6/46 runners, 14 places…75% winners, 34% runners, 45% places
  • 2/90, 17 places OR 140< …25% winners, 66% runners, 55% places

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Place ratings system…

Over the last couple of months I have been giving away pre built automated systems.

Today I wanted to give you a new system which is a little different.

Here goes…

When we create systems the selection method tends to be “Set in Stone”.

It’s not for changing.

If we make any changes to a system that we are already showing then we simply create a new one using the updated criteria.

This stops confusion and it allows you to monitor both.

This week is different because although I have come up with the idea it’s more of what many people would call a “Method”.

You may have heard me mention before that we have a tool inside the GHBot members area we call the “Place Ratings Cards”.

This is a daily race card set where I have added a number of my own ratings plus other information that I feel members could use to choose selections.

I revisit these cards from time to time, just to give myself new system ideas.

This week’s system is based on a cut down version of the cards I have put together for non-members.Continue Reading


135% ROI + Discount

The On Course Profits list of tipsters is updated weekly to highlight those services which are currently offering a healthy strike rate and demonstrate that they can provide consistent profitability.

It is all change on the Tipster Tables this week with just one or two familiar faces hanging in there. We also see the return of some favourites who do perform consistently overall.

Advised Odds / Advised Stakes

1. Value BackingStrike Rate 35% ROI 135%
A re-entry is Value Backing. As we have mentioned before the service offers “value” selections and as such they may not be prolific but they do deliver on the results. The latest four selections gave a 14/1 winner (Withernsea). That will do nicely thank you.
Find out more about the service

We have a half price offer for Value Backing (Next 24 hours only) Click Here to Join for £17.49

2. Bulldog Punter Pay4Profit Results Strike Rate 67% ROI 127%
Bulldog Punter is a service which does not operate on a subscription basis but on a Pay4Profit basis. Early results have been promising and November has produced 4 winners from 9 selections to date with the largest priced selection coming in at 7/2.
Find out more about the serviceContinue Reading

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