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10 Free Software Places

Today the creator of a new automated betting tool has offered me 10 free trial places on the software.

From what I understand the software places bets that are selected by a manual process operated by the guy who has had the software created.

So from the users point of view they just run the software and leave it running. But behind the scene the bets are being selected using a system and the judgement of a guy called Ken Emery.

The software will be free to trialists until the end of the month.

The full price to paying users and to trialists who want to continue with the software after the end of the month will be based on how much profit is made.

So the user will have a maximum stake set by Ken and the fee is 10% of the profit made.

The results claimed for the method behind the software are quite astounding 728 points claimed since July 1st.

So how do you get access to one of the trial places.

Well first you have to commit to using it every day for the rest of February, you can use it at minimal stakes eg 10p. But you need to use it everyday so you can confirm the claimed profit was achieved at the end of the month.

Second you will need to write a few words on what you thought of the software and its performance and be happy for me to publish the words and your name.

If thats all ok then send me an email requesting a place and I’ll pick 10 to take the places.

Today’s Selection courtesy of Betting Insiders

2.10 Musselburgh Plan Again – win bet – 9/4 BetVictor


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