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Automated betting tools and form study tools

Turn a back system into a Place system?

Last week I gave to you a system based on 12 Trainers that were showing a reasonable strike rate.

Although the system has had only 4 selections it won on two of them. One at 15.17 and another at 6.65.

I decided to have a look to see if the selections would also perform on the Betfair place market and this is what I found.

The Betfair place market is great because you don’t have to worry about non runners.

(Sorry don’t like the bookies)

The prices are adjusted using betfair’s reduction factor for NR’s but the place pay-out is not.

As soon as the market is created the place pay-out stays the same.Continue Reading


Free Smartphone App

I got a note from the boss this week telling me about a new app that can automatically find selections for your systems each day.

So today I want to tell you about that and I’m interested in what you think about it. So if you try it do let me know in the comments or on email what you think of it.

Here’s the blurb from Simon Knowles who created the software…

The first app of its kind to search for horses in a race based on criteria you choose . No more hours of trawling the form , just a few clicks can narrow your selections right down .

Ever wondered what information people look at when studying form to find winners.

Here is the first of it kind that automatically searches for horses racing that day that meet your criteria without you having to trawl through every race and eliminating piece by piece.

Just Select from the main screen various amounts of criteria to suit your style , i.e from 5 runners to 15, to find a better chance of finding winners at the races.

Select Go, and it will search the database for the day’s horses that meet that criteria.

Change it as often as you like.

If you’ve got an Iphone you can download the app here

For Android users download here

Today’s Selection

York 13:55 Shore Step – eachway bet 12/1 & 5 Places with Bet365


Free Horse Racing Software

I’m just playing with the Puntology Horse Racing Ratings software and I had a look at the first race at Taunton.

Here’s the ratings of the top three in the race…

It’s a Close Call – 250
Whatthebutlersaw – 73
Final Nudge – 31

I was very surprised to see that It’s a Close Call is 177 points clear of the second highest rating.

So I went to check the prices expecting It’s a Close Call to be 1/5 favourite but no this gelding is available at 5/6, I’m going to have a little of that.

The Puntology software which you can get for free today is so easy to use.

All you have to do is click on the race you want to assess and up pops a screen with a rating for every runner.

Not every race is as clear cut as todays 2.15 at Taunton but it does give you an instant analysis of every race and can really speed up your selection process.

You can get the software free today and it will run on PC or Mac.

Click Here –

Today’s SelectionContinue Reading


Get your daily selections in half the time…

Today we have an article from Malcolm Pett who wants to tell you about a great little tool that will help you with your system selection.


Hi there…

I was wondering…

…How much time do you spend trawling through race cards to pick out your daily selections?

If you’re like most people, probably a lot!

If you are running one or more systems that require you to select runners by their form then unless someone is sending you the daily selections, I guess you have to go through all of them daily.

And sometimes more than once…

Which can take a lot longer than the 10 minutes you were expecting.

When you’re in a rush it can seem to take forever and it can be quite frustrating and let’s be honest a little boring.

I know how you feel

In fact I felt the same way.

I remember one of the ones I have followed…

“Go through all the meetings and select a runner if…”

The race is a class 4 or 5

There are 10 or less runners

It’s not a Maiden

1st last time out

Ran within 45 days.

Horse is a Gelding”

That was an easy one!

But as I am a little lazy I decided to create a tool…

…So you can simply find your daily selections with a touch of a button.
(or a click)

Yeah it is software but it real easy to use.

And what’s really good is that you only have to use it once for each system.

You just tell the tool what you’re looking for by ticking some boxes and then once you are finished you are given a link.

This link can then be used to get your daily selections automatically in any browser.

It’s a “http:” link just like the one you used to get to this page.

But instead of seeing lots of writing and pretty pictures you get your daily selections instead.

How cool is that?

I know you may be thinking…

…”Are yeah but will it do xxxxxx?”

Well it has around 60 different race and form filters.

So even if it can’t exactly meet your criteria, it will at least save you some time by narrowing down your selections using some of the filters.

The link it creates can also be used with the Grey Horse Bot.

If you want to know more pop over to the Grey Horse Bot website and look at the new “Bonuses” section.

It is number 3 on the list.


The Grey Horse Bot –

Today’s Selection

2.25 Ludlow Gorsky Island – win bet – 9/2 Bet Victor Bet365

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