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I guess most readers know what an accumulator is, but there are some lesser known ways to bet on accumulators these days.

First let's start with the basics.

An Accumulator is a bet where the winnings from one selection roll on to the next bet, which in turn run on to the next and so on for as mant bets that you have put in your accumulator.

So for example if you place a £10 accumulator on 4 horses all at even money then horse 1 will convert your £10 into £20 which will be placed on horse 2. If that wins the profit will then be £40, which will be placed on horse 3.

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If that wins then £80 is returned and placed on horse 4.

For your accumulator to win all the selections have to win. So accumulators don't come in often but when they do the returns are big.

Accumulators have been a staple bet forever, but what's new is that you can now make an accumulator bet at Betfair, which could mean bigger returns.

But what's more interesting is that on some sports you can now lay an accumulator.

So for example if you lay an accumulator on a series of football match home wins you only need one of those home teams to lose for your lay to be successful and pay you your profit.

It takes a moment to get your head around how this works but it's worth checking out Betfair Multiples and having a play.

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Also note that the lay options don't show by default, there is a tick box that you need to check to get the lay options.

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