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Before I get to this week's review I just want to let you know about a offer on last week's recommended service.

You'll remember that Classic Racing Gold gave us some excellent returns during our review.

Here are the key stats…

– 200 selections
– 60 winners
– which gives us a healthy strike rate of 30%
– we staked 390 points
– which returned a profit of almost 130 points to advised odds
– giving us a return on investment of 33.30%!

The price for this service is a reasonable £60 per month, which for a 33% ROI is fair enough.

But this week only, Daily Punt readers can join for just £45 per month – Click Here


£105 for 3 months – Click Here

Over our review period just £10 stakes would have bagged £1,300 in profit, so £180 in fee's is a bargain.

But why pay £60 per month when you can pay £45

Don't buy from the regular webpage, because you will have to pay full price.

Onto this week's reviews.

You may remember earlier in January we had started a trial of Prestige Punter and although we were looking at quite a good strike rate, in excess of 40%, the profits were small in comparison at a shade over 1.50 points profit after having taken in to account Betfair commissions.

Since then we have had a further 57 races where the Betfair favourite was to be backed as long as the six selected criteria were satisfied.

After allowing for these filters and those meetings which ended up abandoned we finally found ourselves with 28 selections and of these 14 won, so a good strike rate.

The winners were priced between 1.58 and 3.55 and had an average price of 2.15 so in the month overall we finished up 2.82 points in profit after 5% Betfair commission.

Although we can’t fault the service as it is delivering on its promise in terms of the 50% strike rate sadly the profits are ultimately not a great deal to write home about.

Conclusion: We will keep the faith in the hope that next month the returns for our efforts are improved. You can find out more about the service here.

A new service we are currently looking at is Irish Correspondence from The Time Master

As suggested in the name the service concentrates solely on Irish racing and we have been following this for two month snow.

From the 86 selections to date there have been 32 winner and a further 18 selections which have been advised each way have placed.

The service has certainly been consistent and quite conservative with their selections with the largest price runner going off at 13/2. Any runner at 5/2 or higher are advised to be backed each way.

The best are either 1 point win or 1 point each way and as things stand at the moment we are over 16.50 points in profit which is representative of a 12.30% return on investment.

These early signs are good and so we will report back again, hopefully with equally positive news.

Today's Selection

Wolv 4:40 Seychelloise – win bet 3/1 Skybet

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