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Ayr Silver Cup Trends

A trends-based look at the Ayr Silver Cup by Dr Nick Hardman

There are many ways to tackle a big field handicap race but my preferred option is a to use a trends-based approach.  In a nutshell, historical race data is used to build up a profile of the typical winner.  The profile is then assessed against the runners in the race and those that tick most of the boxes are the ones to focus on. 

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First Run in a Handicap

Today I want to share a tidbit of information that will likely make you a profit in the coming weeks and months.

The credit for this and for a lot of the profitable angles shared at the Betting Insiders Club* goes to Dave Renham.

Dave conducted research last month into how trainers perform with their charges first time out in a handicap.

He also looked at horses having their second run in a handicap and those having their third run in a handicap.

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Automated Betting Software

If you’re a Betfair exchange user you may already use software downloaded to your PC, Mac, or even smart phone to place bets.  

Alternatively, you could use online browser-based betting and trading platforms, but one thing is for sure there are a plethora of options to consider. 

In this post I cover some things you should you look out for, and fully automated betting platforms.

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The Day I arrived as a Tipster

19th April 2013. The day I arrived as a tipster.

I had been working for various outlets before that – Sporting Life, Non League Paper, Betfair – as a non league football and women’s tennis betting correspondent. All the time my heart beat on the turf and I’d started a private subscription electronic daily tipping sheet called the Bozmail in which I published my first efforts at tipping horses.

Like most tipsters, I used a combination of form study, observation, race reading and system devising to come up with my daily copy.

It was the latter that struck gold for me.The devising of a system called the ‘shortlist through the card permed accumulator’.

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