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61% ROI Offer

Top of the table this week again is Carl Nicholson's Racing Diary.

This service launched last August as a one bet a day service and made a huge return on investment since month one.

Although the chart is only based on the last months results the long term ROI is a hefty 61% and the profit to £25 stakes since the service launched is £3952.50.

There is currently a special offer whereby you can try the service for a full month for just £9.99, Click Here –

Here's the chart and today's tip …Read More »61% ROI Offer

Easy Daily Profit

Before I get to this week's product reviews I just want to mention a super discount offer on what is probably the easiest money you'll ever make and what should be the base source of profits for anybody whose serious about making money from betting.

Mike says anybody can average £30 a day with this, but I'm on the members forum and I know there are many users who have quit their jobs to do this full time.

The offer is for a £1 try out – Click Here to grab a spot

Onto the reviews and today's free tip…Read More »Easy Daily Profit

75% Return on Investment

Carl Nicholson's Racing Diary is a regular in our list of top ten tipsters and has made it to the top of the chart many times.

This month it's showing a 75% return on investment, which is huge for a tipping service.

And I think I'm right in saying that it has never dipped below 50% since the service launched.

Since the chart below was compiled yesterday morning Carl has had another 7/2 winner and the ROI is actually greater than 75%.

If you want to get involved with regular winners from just one or two bets per day you can try Carl Nicholson's Racing Diary for just £19.99 here

Here's the full chart….

1. Carl Nicholson’s Racing DiaryStrike Rate 23% ROI 75%
Well the Racing Diary makes a return this week based on the last 30 days performance. We cannot fault the service in its consistency. Recent winners have included Altesse De Guye 5/1, Dinneratmidnight 12/1 and Court Baloo 11/4.
Find out more about the service
Read More »75% Return on Investment

Consistent Lay Service


Cudworth's Racing Lays

Cost: First 30 days £1.00 thereafter £29.95 per month or £69.95 per quarter

The Trial: With another month under our belt Cudworth's Racing Lays has continued to be successful with 35 winning lays from the 41 selections and a further profit of almost 8.5 points.

Cumulatively we are now standing at 124 successful lays from the 142 selections received and a profit of almost 33 points.

The profit is a little distorted as a lay won its race at a Betfair Starting Price of 11.33, and the service providers have subsequently decided to limit the lay maximum price to 8.00.

Conclusion: A very consistent service

Click Here to Trial Cudworth's Racing Lays

PBCUHPRead More »Consistent Lay Service

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