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September 18, 2019

If you’re a Betfair exchange user you may already use software downloaded to your PC, Mac, or even smart phone to place bets.  

Alternatively, you could use online browser-based betting and trading platforms, but one thing is for sure there are a plethora of options to consider. 

In this post I cover some things you should you look out for, and fully automated betting platforms.

I know bookmaker sites have a variety of apps to download making betting easy, but today I’m focusing solely on the Betfair exchange.  

The first reason being, to use a third-party application for betting you first need to authorize it, and that requires a bit of research and trust.  Whereas, if you download a bookmaker APP from Google Play or the App Store, it’s their own product to login and start betting. 

The second reason I’m focusing on Betfair and not covering the bookie apps, is for me it’s my only option for betting and trading, given I’m banned from virtually all bookmakers in the land. 

With Betfair I just pay a commission every time I win, meaning I don’t worry about being blocked or limited, as they take a slice of the pie and want me to always win.

With Betfair you can follow a long-term plan returning a decent annual income, taking your betting and trading seriously.   Whereas if you’re solely relying on bookmaker sites, you know the day will eventually come where you get banned or limited for winning too much and too often. 

You’ve effectively two types of bet and trade tools online, downloadable software running locally on your own device, or platforms that run within a web browser.

They both have pro’s and con’s, such as a web-based platform won’t need a VPS, and will typically run across all devices, ie PC, Mac, Mobile, plus typically you don’t need to leave the device turned on once bets are set up.

However, software downloaded isn’t running multiple bets for other clients at once, and as such can place certain bets faster given it’s installed on your own device.

I personally use online and downloadable platforms for different reasons and need a variety of tools to call upon for a variety of bet or trade types.

You will find bet and trade applications that offer improved betting functionality, giving you more information at a glance, the ability to program bets to fire at specific triggers, stop loss, quick trade features etc, but offer no actual strategies to deploy, so you have to use your own systems on these platforms.

This is straightforward, and the platforms at the head of the market both downloadable and browser based do an excellent job.

Whereas, you have other applications offering built in betting systems, some even running 100% hands off on auto pilot, the commonly used term is set and forget.

In this instance you’re handing over your funds to a strategy that will be actively put bet or trades into the market on your behalf.  

Trusting downloaded software or online platforms to place bets and trades to your account, granting access to your Betfair balance, can without question be a terrifying prospect.

You need to make sure the platform you’re considering is Betfair licensed, which you can check by asking the provider for their Betfair credentials, and then double check with Betfair they are legit.  

Do your research and check if they have reviews from reputable websites, and from actual members of the service published on Google. 

Assess their customer support by firing them some questions about the product / service and see how they respond.  

If they haven’t replied to you within a reasonable 24 hours, of if they respond from a no domain registered email address, ie Gmail or Hotmail for example, then follow the warning signs leaving well alone.

A good question to ask is, do you login to my Betfair account for me and need my credentials?  

If they do, I’d give them a wide birth as any reputable licensed Betfair product would not ask for your personal login details.  

You should login using these yourself via the platform they provide and should not give these out under any circumstance.

If your due diligence looks positive, with a service that’s Betfair licensed, reviews come back favourable, customer support exceeds your expectations from a domain registered email address linked to the site, they aren’t requesting your login info, and the subscription or total cost of using the service stacks up, then you may have found the right one for you.

Ensure the results of the service meet your expectations, ie the annual balance growth is in line with your desired return on investment.  

Also, that you can control your own staking within the platform, ie set a start balance and percentage amount per bet for example. 

Automated betting is not for everyone, but for those who just want to make money without the selection process or data analysis, it’s a great option if you find the right service.

I personally run a Remote Dutch Betting service via the cloud for my subscribed members, which is the only betting system of its type in existence, and within just over a month since launch we’re very nearly up to capacity with this.  Given its exchange based we factor in liquidity and we protect our members to ensure all bets are matched. 

It’s an increasingly popular way to add to your betting portfolio, as you can still place your own bets directly without affecting the automated ones, or run other systems around it, as the bank management as mentioned is controlled within the platform itself. 

I’ll be adding more automated betting systems for members, and expanding on the do it yourself options using the web-based platform I recommend Hedger Pro.

As stated, both ways of betting using these tools have their place, hands on or hands off, it’s just about finding the right tools and strategies that meet your own expectations.

Ryan Phillips

To find out more about the Remote Dutch Betting tool – Click Here

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TGH Trading Ltd or it's employees.

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