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Daily Punt Home - Avoiding Duff Tipsters (and finding the gems!)

Avoiding Duff Tipsters (and finding the gems!)

The amount of times i’ve been asked for help after someone has paid a substantial sum for (enter Mr Hot Shot’s betting service) tips only to find their bankroll down 50% after a few weeks is astounding.

Here’s a couple of things to watch out for when looking for a genuine betting service:

1. Little or no proven track record – genuine tipster’s will have the results to back up their claims. If you can’t find the results, ask for them. If you don’t get them, don’t waste any more of your time – without the results it’s likely the profit claims are false.

2. No trial period or money back guarantee. Genuine tipster’s will be happy to provide a cheaper trial so they can prove their worth. Likewise, they will not be afraid to offer your money back over a certain period because if their strategy produces profit, the vast majority won’t ask for a refund. So at least one of these things is a must.

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Another thing to avoid is going all in with a single strategy. Betting always comes with a certain level of risk, so anything we can do to spread this risk is going to be beneficial in the long run. Test the water with a few different strategies, systems or tipster services and find out what works for you. Then you can begin to build a betting portfolio which will ensure those much sought after long term profits.

Sound Complicated? Well, why not simplify things and try this.

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Over two years of proven results, great reviews from trusted independent sources, and a 30 day money back guarantee are a few of the things that puts this service a cut above, and it’s one of the very few I can thoroughly recommend.

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But that’s not the best part. With this you get no less than 3 separate betting strategies included, meaning you have an instant betting portfolio, no effort required!

And that’s STILL not the best part – i’ve managed to secure you an exclusive 30 day trial to this service for a mere £1!

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5.10 Newcastle:Slunovrat 5/1 generally

2 thoughts on “Avoiding Duff Tipsters (and finding the gems!)”

  1. Hawkeye :- Sunday 4 meetings & Monday 8 meetings…both days an e-mail with “nothing for today”
    If you can back-track that makes it 8 selections in 34 days, all never won but 1 placed…..His tips therefore cost now over £1.00 per selection….don’t bother wasting your monies in his direction
    Most tipsters took a pounding at York, very few came out in profit
    Take care with the Bookies Enemy No 1…when I signed up his losses went into free-fall…then rescued by a tremendous week-end then began falling again….same as Racing Consultants, signed for trial, crashed heavily, recovered and then crashed again
    beware a link site that has a very long explanation as to why you should pay money to him…one that scrolls on forever..usually back-fitted method

  2. I think with all of these things u hve to take a long term view Norman…
    U need to give a service at least three months and stick rigidly to the staking plan before u can judge properly.I have learned from experience that dipping in and out of services is a recipe for disaster and hoping that u will join and will be backing winner after winner is cuckoo land.U have to take the rough with the smooth and if after three months u are down significantly-THEN u can say whether a service is no good or not.Just my humble opinion that’s all….

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