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Daily Punt Home - Boo Boo & Pontefract

Boo Boo & Pontefract

It seems I made a boo boo yesterday with the Facebook free draw.

I didn't flick a switch and the result was that to enter you had to like and make a comment.

I have now been chastised by management, seen the error of my ways and re-read the manual.

So if you wanted to enter a free draw to win a years subscription to Betting Insiders and got frustrated yesterday then you can try again.

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If you already liked the post just click the link in the Facebook post and there's a button to press that will make your entry.

This is a great prize that one lucky reader will get and the odds of winning are excellent.

Here's the Facebook Page

The second thing to note today is that Pontefract has a meeting, if you haven't read our previous posts on the Pontefract Draw Bias then go here

On Course Profits free Horse Racing magazine

Today's Selection

5.35 Yarmouth Hazzaat – win bet – 11/2 Bet 365

5 thoughts on “Boo Boo & Pontefract”

  1. Reference PONTEFRACT DRAW BIAS. This looks very
    good, but I dont understand how the SECOND table
    is used, with it or what.The intention is not clear.If we are to bet mainly draw2, then WHAT is this other table telling us?..UGPUG1

  2. Hi Fred

    It’s just there because lots of people say the bias is only valid in sprint races of 5f or 6f but in fact it is evident at all distances at this track.


    1. thanks, this makes the second sheet very
      WHAT WE WOULD LOVE NOW is the same info
      for stall THREE!, after your insight that
      it affects £return!!!!! which must deserve
      equal study.
      Dont forget some of us bet in differing
      ways, laying, whatever.
      Your help is valued.

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