by Dave French

June 3, 2013

Today you are the very first people to hear about a new betting bot that has been created by our programmer here at TGH Trading.

About 3 months ago somebody contacted us here and asked if we would build an automated betting bot for their own private use.

This person had been using a particular system since July 2012 but the system took too much time to operate throughout the day.

We quoted a price, a deposit was paid and we started building the bot.

And we started following the system to see if it really was as good as this guy claimed.

Frankly we were amazed when it made 155 points profit since early March up until yesterday.

Once we saw that the system was working we started hinting that we might like to sell this bot to our customers.

System users are always worried about profits being effected by too many people using their system. And I suppose that is a valid concern, anyway to cut a long story short we have been allowed to recruit 50 users for this new bot.

12 of those places have already gone to friends and family, so that leaves 38.

Now because there are so few places and because this bot has more winning days than losing and it can be left totally hands free to do it's thing, it is expensive.

If you do the math you'll see that you don't need very big stakes to cover the cost of £95 per month (£2.50 per race should cover the fee).

But to get you started there is a £20 trial for the first month, so hopefully by the second month you will be paying from profit.

This post is going on a bit but I'll briefly tell you a bit more about what the bot does.

It bet's on most races throughout the afternoon and evening.

It bets between 1 and 3 selections in each race.

It is all level stakes with no loss recovery or crazy staking. You set the stake per race and that is your total risk on that race.

If you want to try it for £20 for a month then go to

Today's Selection

Leicester 4.45 Velox – eachway bet – 11/2 Paddy Power

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TGH Trading Ltd or it's employees.

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Dave French

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  1. Hi what’s that saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
    When you say it mostly wins what is the max drawdown over the year,there is no actual results listed or official proofing and it will cost £95 per month I would like more tangible proof.

  2. Anyone purchased this yet? I have and can’t get it to work, every time I try to log in I get the following message:

    You are not Logged In. Please Log in.

    I emailed the vendors more than 2 hrs ago but still haven’t had a response.

    Very unimpressed so far.

  3. Hi, i agree with John above, But what bank would we need.
    We need at least £2.50 to pay the fee for the bot a month. Then a profit to make it worthwhile as it will have peaks and troughs. so £12.50 would make profit around £400 a month. So what bank would i need to bet £12.50 q race please

  4. I have also signed up , when I log in I get the message that my betfair username is not registered to use this software. According to the help if I sign up with paypal as I have then it should be activated straight away. Please sort this out.

  5. Hi All

    Just a quick note to say that if you have signed up for this and have a problem that one of two things will happen.

    Either we will get you working or if it just wont work on your machine then we will refund you, there is no risk.

    And you have locked in your place.

    This is a brand new bot that has been tested on all our machines but there are a million combinations in the world of windows and the security software that people have. So if you are having problems a little patience is required.

    We have given the trial price so there is time to fix problems and still fully experience the bot before full payment is due.


    PS Bot is 6 points up on the day

  6. Reagrding the 6 points up maybe you could actually show how it works and provide the proof not just say ‘its 6 points up’

    1. Hi Alex

      I would say to be safe have a bank of 100 times your stake, you will probably only ever use half of that but 100 points would be safe.


  7. I started monday £500 bank £10 a race.
    day 1 – win
    day 2 – loss
    currently slightly down..
    Hoping for day 3 win !!!!!

    1. Day 3 – Won – Third race @ 21:00 BF price. Bank now at 464.98 and max profit for day reached. Wanted to carry on but must be disciplined ! !

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