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Betting systems are a key short cut for the bettor and a great way to profit for not much work. This page links out to our systems pages.

Saturday Selections

Good morning all,

The alert among you (that's all of you, right?) will notice it's Saturday Selections rather than Preview today. I hope you'll excuse the laziness for once, but after getting back late from Fakenham last night, and faced with the prospect of no/some/all of the racing today taking place, it seemed a bit pointless going through all of the cards. And I was knackered.

So just for today, selections and a line or two about why I like them.

Nice finish to the week yesterday but the first race sadly marred by the awful injury to Sir Erec, which made me turn away from the big screen at Fakenham. Horrid game this, at times.

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Cheltenham Gold Cup Day

Good morning all,

The week is in danger of fizzling out with a whimper if I can't dig a decent winner up today – that good day on Tuesday already feels a long time gone.

Hopefully there's something to be had with the selections on the main piece, most of which are big prices. Back tomorrow with Uttoxeter, where the forecast already looks awful. Lovely….

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Cheltenham Day 3 – Stayers/Ryanair

Good morning all,

Poor yesterday with just the one place, but I am more confident about today's card (he says hopefully…). Even the Colossus paid next to nothing.

Ground appears to be drying out a touch, but it still looked quite testing yesterday, and I still think stamina will be key for the next two days.

Today's vid and selections on the main piece.

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Cheltenham Day 2 – Champion Chase Day

Good morning all,

Off to a good start on Day 1 with some winners – yes, Roksana was lucky, but you need some luck in this game, but here was nothing lucky about the 1-2 in the Ultima and I know a few of you had the forecast too! Le Breuil rounded off the day and we're playing with their money now.

No intentions of giving it all back on what is going to be a very difficult day, small stakes the order of the day for sure! Better bets later in the week.

Colossus was sunk early, sadly, but I'll stick with it and try again. They'll be up around 10am.

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