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SP Before the Off

Grey Horse BotToday we have the first post from new contributor Malcolm Pett.

Malcolm explains how we can know the Betfair SP and bet based on Betfair SP before the off!

Here's Malcolm…

Just about every system you come across on the web would first have been created using past data.

If this is the case then the result will be shown using either SP (Industry Standard starting price) or BSP (Betfair Starting Price) for results.

There is nothing really wrong with this because it is the only way of giving people the chance to check the results they are seeing as being accurate.

But where it does cause an issue and pose a problem is when it is a price sensitive system or a system that relies on being on a particular ranked runner, like the favourite.

BSP and SP are calculated at the off.

You may think by looking at the ranking a few seconds before the off will tell you who was favourite, second favourited etc…

But often this isn't the case. The BSP/SP announced ranking can be different to the just before the off rank.

A short test we did with Betfair some time back clearly showed that the rankings can differ by as much as 1 or 2 runners in every 10.

Maybe this doesn’t sound too bad…

…But when you consider you could be following hundreds or even thousands of bets over the course of a year…this could easily change the results you were expecting or the results being advertised.

The same is true of price. The price before the off is often different to BSP/SP causing even more inaccuracies in your system.

So what can you do to make sure you are on the correct runner or within the correct price range?

You may already know that just as Betfair's market goes in-play the BSP price and ranking is made available through their API.

So we have developed a great feature on the Grey Horse Bot that allows the bot to read the BSP price and Ranking as soon as it happens.

This gives the Grey Horse Bot user the opportunity to choose which ranked runner to bet on or to only place a bet into the market if it is within the price range you require.

When you create your own system it should be part of your testing to determine if you get better prices before the off or in-play. You can test both automatically with the Grey Horse Bot.

Thank you for reading I really do appreciate it.



Malcolm is the creator of a number of Betfair automated betting products like the Grey Horse Bot. He also writes articles for Betfair. Apart from automation Malcolm likes creating and testing systems and believes his readers should have all the statistical facts available to make proper informed decisions.

If you have any questions about bots or automation please add a comment and we'll try and answer them.

Automated Betting Software

If you’re a Betfair exchange user you may already use software downloaded to your PC, Mac, or even smart phone to place bets.  

Alternatively, you could use online browser-based betting and trading platforms, but one thing is for sure there are a plethora of options to consider. 

In this post I cover some things you should you look out for, and fully automated betting platforms.

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Profit Recall £1,000 in a week

There's a new horse rating form tool that is taking betting communities by storm and making some huge profits.

The software has been 18 months in the making and has been created by Michael Wilding, who among other things is an expert at database handicapping.

What Michael has done is to create a Power Rating which is included in a tool that creates a tissue price for each runner.

Users can compare that price with the available price and find value bets.

One of the beta testers of this software has posted on the forum that he has made 109 points in a week from these ratings.

That's £1,090 to ten pound stakes.

You can watch a video where <ichael explains the tool here

Here's a screenshot of that post in the Race Advisor forum.

Race Advisor

Today’s Selection courtesy of Mega 4 for more free tips click here

14:10 York Spanish Squeeze – win bet 4/1 Skybet

Winning on False Favourites

The last couple of weeks I have been talking about the PR ratings.

The reason for this is because I keep adding updates to this tool to increase it uses.

So people like yourself have a good chance of beating the market and winning.

I presume that’s what you want to do…isn’t it?

If you’re anything like me you don’t really like losing.

I run dogs at Agility in competitions and I do like to win (a 1st and a 2nd a couple of weekends ago)

Yep I really like to win!

But to win you need tools that get you ahead of the market.

Yeah systems and tips are good…Continue Reading

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