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Guaranteed Cash

Before I pass you over to Malcolm for this week's system column I just want to tell you about a guaranteed profit product I have been using.

Accumulator Generator takes profit from bookie acca bonuses.

You've seen the deals on the footy where the bookie will refund you if one leg of your acca lets you down.

There's at least 20 bookies who make these offers and Mike Cruickshank has worked out a system that lets you lock in profit in every bet you place.

Typically you can extract 20% of the acca stake as free cash and there are hundreds of these offers every month.

I've been doing a lot of Will Hill offers, Will Hill will take a £50 bet on their acca offer and so each one I do makes me a tenner.

Will Hill will take one bet a day under the offer, so that's £70 per week with another 19 bookies to go at.

You will need some cash to lay off the bets, but this is risk free cash. Get the full details here.

Creating systems is easy…Isn’t it?Continue Reading

237 Point System

I've had a few questions about the system that found Monday's 14/1 winner and I will write about that another day.

But basically the system looks at horses who didn't finish last time out but who won the time before that, so keep an eye out for horses like that.

Here's Malcolm Pett…

Missed a 6/1 winner yesterday…

There could be more coming shortly…

Well there should be if this week’s free system lives up to the results so far.

Already this month it is showing almost 20 points profit.

Anyway on with the explanation…

A few years ago I got into creating ratings.

Being a bit if a nerd who likes calculations, spreadsheets and programming it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at them.Continue Reading

2016 First try on the place market…

The new year’s here and I am about to start a new round of system development.

But before I do I just want to quickly go over a test we started last year.

I first showed readers of the Daily Punt this system on the 22nd September 2015.

The system is quite interesting because apart from a few filters it was also based on forecast 8 runners or less races.

This is much easier than using actual number or runners which can be difficult and time consuming to follow.

Any way since we introduced the system it has accumulated 68.69 points profit.Continue Reading

Ultimate Dobbing


Cost: £25.00 every 14 days / £40.00 every 28 days / £80.00 every 90 days.

The Ultimate Profit Club is the latest service from the Bet Kudos stable and operates a dobbing service which selects around half a dozen horse race selections each day.

You will receive access to a PDF guide to download which gives you full instructions on how the service works.

Selections are emailed out to you the evening before racing and the principle of the service is that you place a back bet with Betfair prior to the race off time and then, lay the horse off at a lower price once the race is in running, thus making a profitable trade and guaranteeing a profit.

The service does require you to either be at your pc to make the trade, or alternatively use a computer bot which can do this for you.Continue Reading

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