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For busy punters a good source of reliable tips is a way to compensate for lack of time

Pass Or Fail?

Good morning all,

Superb weather so I'm off for a day out at Wetherby. Anything of interest and I'll write it up later in the week.

Thanks for all the messages for Saturday, three nice winners and I know a few of you had them in multi's, so well done!

Tomorrow I'll go through the Colossus joining process but for today, did the weekend's big stars pass or fail their tests? My thoughts, plus one I'm backing again for the Champion Chase, are all on the main piece. Continue Reading

Saturday Preview

Good morning all,

Head-spinning stuff today, top class racing wherever you look and I'll be at Haydock later on.

It's Ascot and Haydock that get the Saturday Preview treatment today, with a few at good prices I like the look of.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back with a round-up of it all on Tuesday. Continue Reading

Your Questions Answered

Good morning all,

Early start as we (that's me and Daren) head for Norfolk and a day at Fakenham, which I always enjoy. Even more so in the sunshine, which it looks like we'll get today.

Those looking for the Saturday video (and I know some of you do look early) it won't be up until late this evening, as I won't be back until 8-ish.

Yesterday a few of you were asking about the Colossus bets – if you already have an account, my syndicates are under the “Captain Chutney” banner but what I will do next Tuesday is go through the whole process of joining for those that don't have an account. is the website, feel free to check it out.

For today, a couple of your questions answered as I've not done one for a couple of weeks – feel free to keep emailing them to me at Anything you like! Continue Reading

In Praise Of Leicester

Good morning all,

Well, I made a colossal (excuse the pun) mistake in promoting the Southwell Colossus yesterday, as it fell short and instead it was the Plumpton one that copped a fair few quid for our syndicate. Over 2k in fact, which was lovely for a £20 bet, so if you were one of the lucky ones, well done and enjoy the money!

I'll be doing one for Fontwell later on but it's one of my local courses, Leicester, that we'll be going to and I have done a little piece in praise of the place. Plus a selection from there too, all on the main piece.Continue Reading

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