Colossus Update

Good morning all,

Just a quick post today for those that have been asking about how you can join the Colossus syndicates that I run two or three times a week.

It's a step-by-step guide from opening an account to finding my syndicates and joining in. Look forward to a few of you having a go with me (and others, if you think they've got a better chance than me!)

I'll be at Doncaster today but the selection is from Ludlow, one that's on my watching list at the moment. 

Colossus Bets

Firstly, you need to set yourself an account up.

Go to and towards the top right hand corner, you’ll see the “Join” button. Simply follow the instructions for each step. If you are happy for me to have a few quid then use the code TENEMBASSY in the Bonus/Referral Code box on Step 3. But you don’t have to.

Once in, then you’ll see all the various markets they offer. Football is their big thing, but their racing pools are coming along nicely now – both the win and place ones – and they often boost the Place pools from 5k to 10k. It’s one of those that we won on a couple of weeks ago, landing 2.3k for a syndicate of 6 of us. Which was nice.

The “racing” tab is towards the top left hand corner of the screen. You’ll then see all the options that they are offering that day. If you click into the “Syndicates Available” tab (in blue writing) then you’ll see all the syndicates that are playing on that pool, along with the percentage they have already filled.

My syndicates are always listed under the “Captain Chutney” header. If you can’t see them, then chances are they’ve already filled. I do try and put at least two up for each pool I play to give people every chance of getting in, but I can’t guarantee it.

Then you can basically put what you want into the syndicate, from a couple of quid upwards really. My philosophy is to try and get our money back after 3 or 4 legs if possible and let the rest run. Not always, and sometimes I’ll let it run if I think we’re in a good position, but generally taking a small profit regularly is no bad thing. It’s fun, and every now and then we get lucky and hit a good pot, as we did at Plumpton. I try to keep us in the hunt whilst looking for the one or two results that will kick the majority out, and it seems to be working well. So I won’t change that, and we are starting to play the win pots more too.

Good luck if you want to join in and if you do have any questions or issues email me at and I’ll do my best to answer.

And I'll put a couple of syndicates up for Ludlow Place pool around 10am.

Today I'm going to give Avantgardiste a chance in the 3.00 at Ludlow. His last couple of runs have been quite promising and he was sticking at it at Chepstow last time when others had had enough. Henry Oliver can ready them for their first run in a handicap (1-9 and two others placed in the past year) and conditions should be fine. I'm having a small e/w bet at the 16-1 available this morning.

Good luck with all your bets today,



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