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There is a lot written about Trainer “trends” and watching trainers “in form”.

The problem is to find these trainers normally means looking through lots of history and results to
find ones that are making a profit.

In this article I want to look a “course specialist” and how by using just one piece of software you can
find them easily.

Course specialist can often mean trainers that are near to a certain course or tend to use a
particular course more often than they do others.

The problem with this idea is that it’s not hard for anyone to spot these trainers and often their
prices are kept artificially low because of it.

So when you are looking for trainers that may give you a little profit then you should look to those
that are still possibly under the radar to the general public.

The tool I use to find these trainers is PR Ratings which is a bonus that comes with the Greyhorse bot

I really recommend it…

…But you may want to take what I say with a “Pinch of Salt” because I wrote the software for my
members, so I am probably biased.

Still, it is a very popular piece of software among members and when it comes to finding trends or
profitable trainers it makes life easy.

It can take less than 5 mins to look them up.

There are a number of ways you can use PR Ratings do this but for today’s racing (Fri 16 th 2021) I
checked what courses were running and decided to go for Haydock.

I set PR Ratings to Haydock and Flat (As that is the season we are in) and just for the last two years

I also activated the Trainer column so I could do a quick look up to see the trainers that were most

Although you could activate all results since 2015 I am in the belief that it is far better to see what
has been happening over the last couple of seasons.

Overtime trainers will probably change their training techniques, have different horses and hopefully
get better at what they do.

Going back further than a couple of years could cause you to miss opportunities based on the latest
trend of that trainer.

Personally, I like to lay-bet Trainers on the exchanges rather than backing them…
…But for this article we will stick to backing.

Once we activate the quick lookup, we have a list of trainers and their profit and loss over the last
couple of years at Haydock.

This is where you need to be a little careful.

It easy to look down the list and see trainers that have made a big profit.

But when you look at the number of results you soon realise that this is based on maybe 1 or 2 runs
and the trainer just happened to have a big priced winner.

Another thing to look out for is strike rates.

You again can often see a lot of profit from a trainer but with very low strike rates.
This normally means the trainer strikes lucky every so often.

You may be thinking.

“Well surely getting the odd big winner is a good thing, isn’t it?”

Yes, it could be but after the first big win the second high priced winner is less likely and you can go
through a lot of races without winning anything.

What you are actually looking for is a trainer that has about 20 to 30 races and shows a 15% or
better strike rate.

The former gives you some confidence is the statistics…

…The latter means that the winners come more often and are probably more consistent.
As an example, we could look at “Tom Dascombe”.

The stats.

32 selections at Haydock and a 18.75% strike rate with an average winning BSP (Betfair Starting
Price) of 13.06 and total profit of 42.74 points (after Betfair’s 5% commission).

But Tom Dascombe has made profit the last two months at Haydock.

On Course Profits free Horse Racing magazine

So when you see he has a horse called “Skittlebombz” running in the 13:50 today with P J McDonald
as the Jockey then it should get your attention as a possible selections.
I would still want the price to be reasonably high to make it worthwhile bet though.

Until Next Time

Today's Selection 13:50 Haydock – Skittlebombz

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