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Daily Punt Home - Don’t Quit Early

Don’t Quit Early

You remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about a free trial of a football tipping service?

The service was providing tips from a top guy who has been impressing members at the Betting Insiders club, Mark Foley.

Lot's of people joined that free trial.

And then when Mark had a losing first week lot's of people dropped out and those people missed out on some great profits that followed.

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Today's message is about not quitting after a couple of losing days and also a last chance to try this service before the price goes up.

This weekend Mark made 23 points profit at level stakes, so for £10 bettors that's £230 in one weekend.

Unfortunately the free trial is no longer available, currently the offer is £1 for 30 days access and the trial price is going up again this weekend.

If you want involvement with some serious Premier League bets for just a pound for the first month and then just £19.99 per month if you continue then click here before Saturday.

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Today's Selection

7.15 Kempton Chauvelin – win bet – 4/1 Sky Bet

1 thought on “Don’t Quit Early”

  1. Man,…. Mark “statman” is a genious, he just made another 22pts profits yesterday, i wish i could get back on his trainer trends tips aswell, but as i was not in uk for some time and therefor had quit my betting activity i unsubscribed and was intending to resubscribe when i got back but the doors where closed. Mark, if you see this message please get me back in, I’ll even pay double! I’ll defo stay on your footy service nomatter how much you’ll price it up later! i’ve been a runner for 5 years and i know the name of the game: if i can get on Marks tips i wont need noone anymore to make money on my own. Keep the great work up, you’re the best, by far!…

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