Dutching Profits

What is dutching and why should you do it?

Dutching is simply the process of betting on more than one outcome in a market to return an equal profit whichever of your selections wins.

When might you use dutching as a profitable strategy?

There are a number of scenarios where dutching might be a useful staking approach.

The most obvious being if you have analysed an event and have narrowed it down to 2 or more possible winners and you want to cover those selections.

This might be in a horse race where you have it down to a 2 runner race or in greyhound racing where it is often hard to narrow it down to one dog.

Other more creative uses of dutching would be in markets where you want to create a better value bet than is available elsewhere.

For example in the football correct score markets.

If you want to bet on a team to win but the odds are too short, you might decide that the losing team is unlikely to score. In which case you could dutch all the other score lines to get a bigger price about your expected winning team.

So as an example you might decide that Man Utd will win tonight (this may be a bad example given recent form, but we'll go with it).

Man U are 1.25 to win IE you bet £10 and you make £2.50 profit minus commission.

But lets say you are confident that Cardiff won't score.

You could dutch the score lines of 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 and 4-0 at prices of 8.4, 6.8, 8.6, 15.0.

A £10 bet on these outcomes dutched together would give a profit of £12.27 for your £10 stake.

So if you are convinced there will be no Cardiff goals and no more than 4 Man U goals you could get a price of 2.27.

This is just an example but basically dutching allows you to make your own bets by combining outcomes to give bets that aren't available at Betfair or the bookies.

By the way you can just bet Man U to win to nil, but because that price includes 5-0, 6-0 7-0 etc it is shorter at about 1.97

There is a free calculator here that will work out your stakes for you.

Dutching is a useful staking strategy to have in your bag of tricks.

Today's Selection

Taunton 3.10 Milosam – win bet – 5/2 Paddy Power, Bet Victor

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