​​​​Each Way Arb Calculator

It's long been known that taking advantage of the fact that bookies are locked into their eachway terms is a profitable angle and that a smart bettor can arb these bets for guaranteed profit.

The each way arb calculator on this page will help you to calculate your stakes to guarantee your profit.

This method is even more profitable now that Betfair have reduced their commission rate to 2%.

The only downside is that your accounts will come under scrutiny by the bookmakers and may be more prone to restriction.

If the calculator doesn't display below Click Here to open it in it's own window

The arb calculator is pretty straightforward.

Enter the bookies price in decimal odds (EG 9/1 = 10.0), the places paid and select 1/4 or 1/5 odds depending on the bookies terms.

Enter your each way stake at the bookies.

Then enter the Betfair win market odds and Betfair place odds and your Betfair commission rate (2% = 0.02)

Then click the Arb Calculator ‘Calculate' button.

The calculator will tell you the stakes to place on your Betfair lay bets and the profit you will make should the horse win, place or lose.

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