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Today we have a couple of updates plus details of our free mobile magazine.

Windsor Highest Drawn Horse

You'll remember we posted this on Thursday and the first meeting since the research was Saturday afternoon.

There were 6 qualifying races on the day and of the 6 bets 1 won with an SP of 8/1.

The Betfair SP was 12.0

So a good day, but the jury is still out on this system.

One helpful reader checked the year to date for this method and posted this comment…

Highest drawn horse excluding 1m3f 2014
64 bets 10 wins return to bsp less commission 103.16
1m3f races 9 bets, 1 win return 3.40.figures may be skewed by 1 horse winning at 47.55

Pontefract Draw

This had a losing day yesterday with just a one 5/2 (BSP 3.74) winner from 6 qualifying races.

Free Horse Racing Magazine

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Today's Selection

Startford 6.00 Thatchers Gold – win bet – 7/4 Bet 365

3 Responses to Free Horse Racing Magazine

  1. john says:

    windsor highest drawn horse 2013 results excluding 1m3f
    148 bets,19 winners return after bf commission 155.57 again possibly skewed by one winner at 57.1m3f results 25 bets 1 winner you say jury still out but laying highest drawn horse in 1m3f races looks good

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the info
    would be great to receive updates every day re course angles !

  3. ugpug1 says:

    your results tables for these idea’s, E.G. wins
    per year, per no of races, etc, get much study
    by me.BUT COLUMN 5 I am not able to guess the
    meaning of the 4figures+ 1 dot! Of course it will be different as the subject of the chart is
    different, but still clear from the subject.
    What is the meaning of column 5?
    And please dont prove it by changing it!!!!
    Just show 1 line of 1 chart and its meaning(‘s)!

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