by Dave French

January 16, 2014

Today I have details of some brand new free software that you can download.

The Puntology Horse Racing Ratings software rates any UK race at the click of a button.

Once it's installed and started (works on PC or Mac) you will be presented with a list of the days races.

Before you click on a race make sure the going hasn't changed and if it has then change it.
Then click on the race and you will be presented with a rating for all runners with the top 3 highlighted.

Free Software Click Here

Mud Maestro gave us a winner at 4/1 yesterday so 2 points up on the day.

There are a lot of selections for Mud Maestro today, but 3 are in the same race, and we have some huge priced selections…

13:10:00 Ludlow 14 Early Bonnet (IRE) – 66/1 Paddy Power
13:40:00 Ludlow 8 Dropzone (USA) – 16/1 Bet 365
14:10:00 Ludlow 5 Big News – 6/1 Paddy Power
14:10:00 Ludlow 1 Shalimar Fromentro (FR) – 11/1 Boylesport
14:10:00 Ludlow 7 Victory Gunner (IRE) – 16/1 Bet Victor
15:10:00 Ludlow 5 Rio De Sivola (FR) – 2/1 Sky Bet

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  1. The Michael Wilding software doesnt download, just takes you round in circles. Also, I believe the automated betting bot advertised recently may be a con. I bought it 3 days ago and it hasnt placed a single bet. In fact yesterday it didnt download any races as it failed to recognise the courses.

    1. I can vouch for the fact the Tbot (automated bot) is working. Didnt place any bets on sunday for me but im pretty sure it was more my PC’s fault than the bots.

  2. Hi Kim

    The Michael Wilding software link is emailed, I think the page was a bit unclear 1st thing, but it has now been updated to clarify.

    Regarding the auto bot with no selections are you talking about the Bet Scheduler that bets my Daily Punt Lays or the Mystery Horse Bot?

    Both have had selections with the Mystery Horse Bot about 30 points up this month. I use both of these myself.

    I did notice that a lot of others were promoting a bot earlier in the week, maybe you are talking about that one?

    Unfortunately I don’t know anything about that 🙁


  3. Is it possible to comfirm this months results for the Daily Punt Lays as I have been away a lot this month but the bot seems to have been playing up,but this could be down to my internet connection,It would be nice to check the results with another user. Many Thanks Gordon.

  4. PS I can also vouch for the fact the Tbot (automated bot) is working. Didnt place any bets on sunday for me but im pretty sure it was more my PC’s fault than the bots.

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