February 7, 2013

Today I am going to show you how the principles we have discussed so far apply to the all weather.

If you missed yesterday's article – where we used the discovery of how important proven fitness is, as proven by a recent run, to build a whole jumps system with a 49% strike rate and a 117.9% ROI – here is the link: Fit and Fancied Jumpers System

Whereas yesterday we looked at forecast price and ratings alongside a quick reapearance, today we will look at horses with a very recent run but forecast at a longer price. We will take field size and last run into account too.

Again, we will, stage by stage, arrive at a fully functional system which has a lower strike rate, 30%, (therefore longer losing runs, so a smaller proportion of the bank should be deployed), but a whopping 125% ROI!

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Look in again tomorrow for the concluding article in this series, when I will be pulling together everything I have revealed this week and showing you a novel way of backing where you can turn around half your losers into non runners!

Today's Selection

Huntingdon 3.45 Quaddick Lake – each way bet – 6/1 Sky bet

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TGH Trading Ltd or it's employees.

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Dave French

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  1. When your going though a run of loses
    just scaping by ish.
    I all way go back to the start and RE read all
    info i looked an marked helpful .
    So back to school again but happerly because
    your totaly free guidencess all ways gets me folkest very quikly
    as ever thankful to the whole team one and all.
    so i hope dear ben sneaks home first tonight
    thinks it may be steamer of the day .
    Me little bets all reddy on went with steamers . Trainers . Jockey and stawles . Then jockey form has jocky riddin gee bfore .on this bet i did not bye racing post today personly thinking it was messing me process up a hack does a good bullish talk up the gee got ryan m
    drivging just read it as i was fliping pageges.
    Then coming time too pick i was getting pulled in by the backs bullish words yes your right hacks pick 7th no ex QU for dad run and the one i was thinking off 1st its a puzzing feeling trying to work out why we went with hack i have never met did.int no he was alive untill flippong the pages of post..
    JUSTWONDERING if this is a comon misstake with all puntters
    your thonking on this mind field of a subjecked
    would be a great help
    yours as ever thankful too the whole team.
    Paddy f liverpool.


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