by David Massey

March 18, 2021

Good morning all,

Well, how's the week been for you, so far? Up and down here – a good start on Tuesday with Vintage Clouds slowly ebbed away on Wednesday, but two good each-way bets on Shantou Flyer and Storm Control put me in front yesterday.

It was a real shame Lisnagar Oscar coming down in the Stayers, he still looked like he had something to offer and I think he'd have been in the frame, at worst.

So it's Gold Cup day, and I have to say the big race itself makes little appeal from a punting perspective, so let's just hope for a great race without too much incident, and the best horse on the day winning.

The rest of my thoughts on the day, along with my main selection, freely available at big prices, are on the video today.

Today's selection – 1.55 Cheltenham – Petit Mouchoir (e/w 7 or 8 places, Paddy and Skybet) at 25-1 and bigger

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Good luck with all your bets today,


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David Massey

David Massey is an on course bookmakers clerk, a Sporting Life race card author, a horse racing punter and of course a regular contributor here at the Daily Punt

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  1. Convinced Kansas was going to make a bold show yesterday, my biggest bet and odds of the week @66/1, going off at 28/1 was a confidence boost along with Millie and Neil banging them in for fun in the last few days…the cry Millie may have made as gravity beat her attempts of hanging on to Kansas's neck after he rapped the top of the hurdle, caused, I'd say, by his want to be leading the bunch rather than any idea of actually jumping the said hurdle, was far outweighed by my shriek at the sudden disappearance of fortune and dosh at that point…he was full of energy and keeping with them all the way he managed to achieve to be first past the post, my only selection thus far to have done so so far this week…albeit without Millie, but hey, I was so proud of him at the end…mad this jumping game, totally mad! Both appeared well afterwards, which, in the end, is all that matters…sadly, I may have put the mockers on Rachel's attempt at winning the Gold Cup later….but you never know! Good luck everyone!

  2. David. Loved this week with you and the format was great daily. Just watched another with Petit Mouchuoir nearly land it and still lots to go. Bravo.

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