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Daily Punt Home - Greyhound Betting System

Greyhound Betting System

We had a lot of interest in the greyhound betting angle I published yesterday so today I'll run through the process I used to find the selection.

First off though I want to mention that the winning horse selection came from the free tips service that goes with Mark Foley's Trainer Trends book.

The book is just seven quid and buyers get one months tips for free, check it out here.

Before I run through another greyhound example, I just want to caution against diving in on this one.

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If you follow this method yourself you will win, but not every bet wins. I know what it's like when you miss a juicy bet, it's tempting to dive in big on the next one. I'm going to bet the dog in today's example but what I want you to take from it is how to do it yourself.

Greyhound Betting System

So this is what I did yesterday (and everyday).

  1. First off I worked out what seasonal date was 16 weeks in the past. You can do this with a calendar, but what I did was to open a spreadsheet and type in todays date in cell A1. In cell A2 I typed =A1-112. Once I pressed enter A2 now displays a date 16 weeks ago.
  2. I scanned through the cards at the Racing Post until I found a bitch with a season date on or before 14th December. (Sheffield 11.42 Trap 4 Oasis)
  3. I looked to see if it had already shown signs of improvement since it's seasonal break. This particular bitch has been running 4th and 5th, but last time out led for a long way before tiring
  4. I then fired up my BagsBeater software to see how the dogs would be arriving at the 1st bend. Oasis wasnt going to lead, but trap 5 is faster away which gives her some space.
  5. I then went to The Dogs website and searched for her past form to see at what level she has run previously. She has won an A4 in 30.26 back in October. A quick scan of the best times tells me that form would win this race.
Greyhound Form

Click to Enlarge



The Racing Post forecast price is 6/1, they don't fancy her! If she is back to her best form then she would be a 6/4 shot in this race.

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So whether she wins or loses I will be happy with the bet if I can get 6/1.

If you want to know more about greyhound form and methods, tell me in the comments below.

Today's Selections

Sheffield 11.42 Oasis – win bet
Folkestone 4.40 Estedaama – win bet

16 thoughts on “Greyhound Betting System”

  1. Hi Dave,
    very interesting system, but it’s a lot of work to find the selections. I was on the winner yesterday, so thank you for that.
    (Have already given my bot the instruction for the bet in Sheffield with very low stakes)

  2. mark foley’s trainer trends appears to only be available as a kindle download,or am i still asleep



  3. Hi Gerald

    It doesn’t really take that long once you have practised.

    There is another in the 18.11 at Romford, but this time the Racing Post have tipped it and forecast at 2/1 – no value for me at that price ;-(


  4. Love the dog tips, went out and got racing post today after yesterdays tips. I found Oasis about 10 mins before your email. No guarantee’s but worth a punt. Keep up the info dogs and horses!

  5. Hi Dave

    Yes please, I would be interested to learn more about greyhound form and methods.
    Thank you for your informative posts. I certainly helps someone like me who is trying to make a source of income from sports betting.
    Faz Ismail

  6. One more that the RP doesn’t fancy. And I prefer going against the RP cos there is more chance of a value price.

    This one is at Crayford which is not my fav track, (too much bumping) but this one looks worth a small bet at 4/1 Amys Ambition in the 15.58


  7. Hi Dave
    Thanks for the angle on the dogs.
    I didn’t have time to go through all the cards yesterday but I went through every race at Belle View and found a couple of bitches that were still well within the 16 weeks recovery period so therefore not at their best. Both were relatively short priced so I made a note of them with a view to laying them (if I was getting involved) just to see how they performed. Results:
    4.37 – T1 – Noirs Blue Lost 11/4
    4.57 – T3 – Slaneyside Bibi Lost 3/1

    This could be another angle to exploit maybe?

    1. Cheers Phil

      Def worth looking at, I have seen a system that just says lay bitches who havent run for 36 days.

      I’m guessing it was created from a database and didnt look specifically at the season angle but that will be why it works.


  8. I heard that u should always back a bitch that had the form always led against there form back them till they lose.

  9. I dont know hetherits me who is thick or what, but I dot know where to look or what to look o to get this information. Could you be more specific please


  10. i am the same as dave ralph i do not have a clue wer to look to see if the bitch is in her 16 week recoivery period ?

  11. I never heard of this with regards to dog racing in the states.

    I never saw anytrhing in this regard.

    What does it mean?

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