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Daily Punt Home - Henderson Debutantes Update

Henderson Debutantes Update

Back in November Daily Punt reader Derek shared a system with us for profiting from Nicky Henderson's charges having their first ever start.

You can read the original post here

Today I will update you on the results since we published that system.

National Hunt Tipster

There have been just 20 bets, so about 5 or 6 per month.

There have been 9 winners, which is a whopping 45% strike rate, which is very impressive for any live tested system.

The profit at industry SP is 25.63 points, which again is amazing and calculates to a whopping 128% ROI.

So now I'm wondering are there other trainers that are as good with their debutantes?

Well the answer seems to be no, Nicky Henderson is head and shoulders above the rest with his first start horses, but there are a few that are also profitable.

I've just applied the same rules to all other trainers and there are a small list that make a reasonable profit under the same conditions.

The top picks are

Top Trainer Debutantes


I'll follow these live for a while before I decide if they should be included in the system.

I'll also check them without the other rules at a later date as the Henderson system does have some restrictive rules that are probably particular to Nicky and his location etc.

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Much more to come on this over the coming weeks.

Today's Selection

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4 thoughts on “Henderson Debutantes Update”

  1. I remember this Henderson system.If i remember correctly if you run the system through the stake plan feature at 10% stake the results are huge

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