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I Wanna be a Celebrity Keep Me in Here

Mark TowieIt's early days yet for a bet in IACGMOOH but if you want value you have to get in before the crowd!

Currently the market leader is Mark Wright from TOWIE and I've got a bit of an issue with  that!

I'm sure he will be around until the end because he's a wimp who can't cope with any of the challenges and the British public like to torment the wuss.

The only problem is, and the reason he's favourite, is that it's hard to see anyone else winning either, but somebody has got to, havent they?

I know TOWIE has a bit of a cult following but…

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With (at least) two more celebrities still to turn up the Betfair market is already trading at 98.7% to Back. Which means either Sinnita and Pat Sharp are total outsiders or there is some value in there somewhere.

Latecomers don't usually do well, but PS could be the nice guy that everyone loves.

So who can beat Mark Wright?

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Fatima – maybe
Antony Cotton – cant see him lasting
Freddie Starr – will annoy everyone sooner or later
Douggie Poynter – no personality
Willie Carson – Hmm would love it of he won – possible – but maybe I'm being sentimental.
JJC – Who? No Way
Lorraine Chase – Dont think so
Crissy Rock – I like her
Stefanie Powers – Er No

So Mark is just over 2/1 there are a couple of possible competitors and 2 new people on their way. And the producers will no doubt throw in some curve balls along the way.

I don't think the public will want him to win so I'm laying him at 3.15.


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