by Dave French

January 7, 2013

Around about the middle of last year I started off an experiment to try and see if using a bookmakers account was workable for your average stakes, winning punter.

So I opened a Bet365 account and deposited £200, in return they gave me a free £200 bonus. So far so good.

In order to keep my bonus I did have to turn over my £200 within 90 days and as I was betting with £10 stakes I had to make 20 bets in 90 days.

There is a lot of talk about bookies and especially Bet 365 restricting accounts for anybody that wins and probably that is the case if you are betting big stakes. But I think that when you are first starting out that bookmakers can be better than Betfair. Especially if you are betting favourites where the Betfair prices aren't much better than bookmakers SP and early prices will often beat Betfair SP.

And of course Betfair will take 5% commission on your winnings if you are a small stakes bettor.

So let's look at the advantages.

Bonuses. Bet365 will give a £200 matched deposit bonus, they have also sent me a couple of bonuses along the way, just £5 bets but I've had two of those in the last 6 months. A bonus like this can be a big help when you are starting out and will double your starting bank if you are starting with £200 or less.

Best Odds Guarantees. With a BOG bookmaker you can take the morning price and if the horse drifts and SP is bigger your bet will be settled at SP. If the horse shortens then you have the early price.

First past the post payouts. Bet 365 will pay out on the first past the post horse even if it is disqualified in a stewards enquiry. They will also pay out on the official winner if the stewards change the result.

No commission deducted.

Restricted accounts? The account I opened has been used to follow one particular tipster with £10 stakes, the balance now sits at just over £1,000 with no restrictions yet. If they do restrict this account then I'll just move the balance elsewhere, until then I'll enjoy the benefits.

The Bet365 sign up bonus is not currently available

Today's Selection

Taunton 3.10 Tornado in Milan – each way bet – 5/1 Will Hill


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  1. Hi, yes I have an account with Bet365 and they have always beenfair with me furthermore they have some great offers like the football ones whereby you place a bet of up to £50 and they will then match an in play bet for the same amount. If you’re first bet goes down and your second bet goes down they refund the second bet so in essence you have had 2 bets for free. I always use this to the maximum and to date have always won. I have a first bet that is a good price i.e. first goalscorer and then a safe second bet say over 2.5 goals if its a Man U bet.

  2. Hi There
    I suppose the most obvious question to ask after this letter is:-
    What tipster are you following, who took you up to
    £1,000 with just £10 stakes.
    Would you like to share that with us?

  3. You said you were looking at the average stakes winning punter, but I would have thought £10 stakes was very small.

    That said, I have never had any problems with Bet365. I think they are the best bookmaker out there. Bookmakers that have either closed my account or restricted my bets so much it was not worth bothering with are Victor Chandler, Paddy Power, Sportingbet and Skybet.

  4. I’ll guess Carl Nicholson.

    The Bet365 £50 in-play offer is a belter and they offer it 4 or 5 times a season. If you lay off both the pre-match and in-play bets on Betfair you should be able to guarantee a £30+ profit every time.

  5. I agree Bet365 are a good bookie with regular ‘free bets’ and so far I have not been restricted.

    Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Stan James who restricted me very quickly and Skybet who although do offer free bets (but no longer for me) are now restricting me to very small bets.

  6. nother good offer with 365 if you back a winner at 4-1 or more on a channel 4 race then you get a free bet to the same stake on the next channel 4 race how good is that

  7. The complete opposite for me. Bet365 were one of the very first to seriously limit me to ridiculous stakes.

    I’m not a huge bettor by any stretch of the imagination, but a few early price (365 odds always out early) wins and that left me with approx £3.57 stakes for future bets.

    It’s a sickner because they do have good offers: but i’ve gone from being a big Ray Winstone fan to hating the sight and sound of him.

    Dave’s test will be when he starts to withdraw some of those winnings.

  8. Hi

    The bottom line is no bookmaker likes a winning punter. I had an account with Stan James for fifteen years,out of the blue they withdrew my account last September without any valid reason I assume it was because I was not losing enough money
    Losers are their lifeblood

  9. I also use and like Bet365-but I don’t win enough to be a risk to them-in spite of following 3 racing tipsters and 2 football tipsters. Maybe I have just been unlucky in the choice of tipster so I also would like to know the identity of Dave’s tipster.

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