by Dave French

April 13, 2016

Before I pass you over to Malcolm Pett for his weekly systems column I just want to tell you about a betting bot that Malcolm's Sporting Bots company has built.

The Mystery Horse Bot has been about for a few years and has made strong profits for users over that time, but there has always been problems with the software not working for everybody that wants to use it.

Sporting Bots have solved that reliability problem by building a new software based on their ultra reliable Betfair certified products.

You can find out more about that bot which has averaged >25 points profit per month here

Here's Malcolm…

Isn’t it funny how you can take things for granted?

Last week I put a video together of a simple Dutching system I came up with using the PR Ratings v2.

Since then I have had several emails asking me to explain exactly what dutching is.

See I didn’t even think I would need to explain the “in’s and Out’s” I just thought people would know what it is.

So before I tell you about another idea I found using the PR Ratings I thought I would briefly tell you what “Dutching” is.

Of course you can skip this part if you already know!


Simply put instead of betting on one selection in race you bet on 2 or more.

The key is to divide the stake across all the bets so no matter which runner wins (as long as one of the does) you get the same return.
(I am not going to go into the math here because there are 100’s of calculators available on the net and it’s far quicker to use one of them.)

You then decide whether to split a fixed stake across the runners you have selected or go for a target profit.

(Split stake is safer)

Basically you then work out the probability of each horse’s chance of winning based on the odds.

And then use that figure to work out how much stake to put on each horse.

Because prices are fluid you may find by the time you do the calculations they have changed…

…But you get quicker at is as you go along and the GHBot does it automatically.

When you think that 70% (sometimes more) of winners come from the top 3 or 4 in the betting then it’s worth considering dutching as a viable way to make a profit.

It’s not quick but it can be steady.

And the PR Ratings seems to be very good at finding 4 horse ones.

Yesterday I shot another one of my amazing videos (Yeah I know they are not great : – ) ).

This time showing how the main “Ratings” can point you in the direction of selections that have a good chance of a “place” or “win”

You should spot all the updates I have done since the last video which includes another 4 filters.

Here is the link to the latest video and last week’s duthing video.

Not bad for a bonus!

And just one of many you get with the GHBot.


Today’s Selection courtesy of Mega 4 for more free tips click here

15:00 Cheltenham Might Bite – win bet 11/4 Bet Bright

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  1. nice to see Evan Williams horses still winning you may remember, Evan was highlighted here back in November I kept the faith and have been richly rewarded, a big thanks

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