Place Lay Debutants

First off, if you downloaded the free system from System Lays last week then you may be interested to know that the System Lays club opens it's doors today.

It looks to be a value package and you can check out full details here – System Lays.

With our Lay Debutants system we still haven't had our first winning horse/ losing bet.

Although at the prices of the selections to date we haven't yet made enough to cover a losing bet.

I was having a little think about this last night and it struck me that maybe we should be laying on the place markets where the prices would be shorter.

We are working on getting together the real Betfair SP's which will help answer these questions.

The facts we do know is that the place strike rate for 2011 – 2012 was 18.95%, that means if we can lay at 5.0 (on average) then we will break even.

Although that doesn't really tell us much because the spread of prices is so large.

Over the 2 years we are looking at 1300 qualifiers started at 8/1 or less (iSP) and 1910 were between 8/1 and 20/1 and 2226 were larger than that.

I think the thing to do now is to stop writing about this until we have the Betfair SP's for this year so we can see how we would have faired so far this year, if you want me to keep publishing the selections each day then let me know in the comments.

Todays Qualifiers to Lay

14:20:00 Goodwood 4 Diamond Mine
18:20:00 Lingfield 7 Brave Mariner
18:20:00 Lingfield 11 Duly Acclaimed (IRE)
18:20:00 Lingfield 3 Icantknow

Today's Selection

Today we have a bet from Mark Foley's Trainer Trends this service has been in a bit of a lull recently but it has started to show signs of recovery and I think this is a good time to get in and ride the next profit ride.

4.50 Leicester Copper Trade – each way bet – 7/1 Bet 365, Bet Victor, Paddy Power

4 Responses to Place Lay Debutants

  1. charles says:

    Yes please keep posting the lay debutants. I was
    thinking too that place laying may be the way to go.
    Liquidity may be a problem here,but lets monitor for a while and see how place laying the selections
    will work out.

  2. minniedaminx says:

    Agree with Charles, keep posting the lays.

    Would love to see how the places work out, the straight lays are just a little bit rich in price for me at the moment.

  3. laurie says:

    Yes, keep them going, am interested in the longer term stats on this ystem.

  4. Mick says:

    Well-if the results for the place lays could be found for year to date-and firstly at prices up to 8/1,and then at prices between 8/1&20/1,and see how they compare profit wise…..
    Obviously the place lays between 8/1 & 20/1 are going to be bigger-but I don’t know If it’s possible to get this Info from Betfair as to what the average place s.p would be at these two prices….(up to 8/1,-and from 8/1-20/1)

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