Pro Ball Competition

Next month I'm running a competition to win a years subscription to the Pro Ball tipping service.

This is a great tipping service with lot's of action and it is getting good reviews around the internet.

We already have a discount code for Pro Ball which you can find here. (If you win the comp they will pro rata refund your payment if you've already joined)

Here's the latest news from on of the Pro Ball emails.

PRO-BALL Betting Club

£40,085.00 PROFITS

(In first 7 months of 2012)

Average £6,000.00 PROFITS PER MONTH.

PRO-BALL is an exciting betting club, offering the services of 5 separate tipsters for both Sports Bets (Football, Golf & Tennis) and Horse Racing, for both Back and Lay bets. Each Service has been chosen for its unique strategy in betting with the odds on your side, giving you the edge over the bookie before you place a bet.
This is key to pro-balls success and these five separate tipping services give you the chance to join one of the best and most profitable betting clubs in the country.

Let us explain why pro-ball stands out from the crowd. All the services here have an edge in favour of the punter, each with its own unique reason for this, some of them such as our golf and tennis services have superb contacts on the ground who live eat and sleep their sports and we get the edge here because of the quality of inside information we get from them.

Then we have our other back service on football, which covers the win and the draw tipping the balance in your favour with a 66.6% chance of winning mathematically even before the skill comes in to picking the selection.

Moving on we also have our lay services, with a difference. The only football lay service we are aware of that Lays The draw is with us and what a smart move that is, yet again tipping the balance in your favour as only a very small amount of football matches end up as a draw, which is why hardly anyone wins the football pools, where you have to try and pick draws.

Combined with our racing lays service that also uses mathematics and statistics to help them get the edge over the bookie as well as using their knowledge and you can begin to see why PRO-BALL has The Edge

Click Here to Join Pro Ball

My problem is that I don't know what type of competition it should be.

Should I just ask for names and draw one from the hat, that would be easy but I think a years subscription should go to somebody that has earned it. IE there should be some skill involved.

If you have suggestions please add them to the comments below or email me.

Today's selection courtesy of Trainer Trends

2.10 Thirsk Master Ming – Win bet

2 Responses to Pro Ball Competition

  1. Peter Colledge says:

    Whinnying Tip…one horse/day and the reason for the selection.

  2. bhajan says:

    Biggest winning horse at sp.

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