by Dave French

July 17, 2014

Everybody wants to make risk-free bets. That’s the dream. Being able to profit from a few hours “work” a week whilst having 0% risk.

In the past there’ve been two ways of doing this. The first was arbitrage and the second was welcome bonuses.

But both of them have their problems.

Arbitrage requires you to have accounts with every bookmaker on the planet, you need a huge bankroll and you have to buy expensive software to make sure you get on all the bets available.

Oh yeah, and you also have to sit in front of your computer all day, every day to make sure you don’t miss one!

Not really the dream lifestyle we’re looking for.

Welcome bonuses work brilliantly.

Until… you run out of new bookmakers that you can take advantage of with their welcome offers.

What happens then?

Well most people just stop. The really dedicated will move to using bingo and casino offers.

But once again you need to have a large bankroll.

In fact, one such service recommends a minimum of a £3000 bankroll!

You’re probably wondering if there’s anything that’s:

– Totally risk-free
– Works with a small bankroll
– Takes less than two hours a week

Well… now there is, and I was shown it by Michael Wilding.

Risk Free Bets

Anyway, Michael asked me to take a look at his approach to making risk-free bets and, of course, I did.

What I found was a way to make £200+ every month, in just an hour or two a week and using a tiny £300 bankroll!

As if that wasn’t enough, he only uses twelve of the biggest bookmakers to do it. So there’s no opening hundreds of bookie accounts.

The secret is…

…matched betting.

You see every week bookmakers put offers in place to their current customers. These offers are designed to entice you into betting more with them.

Usually they take the form of free bets or higher odds, but it does vary.

What Michael is doing is to look at the offers that are being put into place and… working out how he can trade them out to make a guaranteed profit.

I’m going to give you an outline of how this works.

Most of the time it requires two of what Michael calls Cycles.

The first Cycle is designed to qualify you for the free bet. You see bookies are clever, they don’t just give you the offer, you have to place certain bets in order to get the free bet (or whatever the offer is).

This means that the sole purpose of Cycle one is to put you in a position where you can claim the offer. It consists of:

Placing a bet with the bookmaker
Laying the bet on Betfair

Now, most of the time this made me a small loss, and I mean small. Like less than £1. But…

We’re now qualified for the bookmakers offer. And that is where Cycle two comes in. It looks very similar to Cycle one…

Placing a bet with the bookmaker
Laying the bet on Betfair

What’s clever though is the staking. Because this is calculated in such a way that it guarantees you a profit whatever happens!

That’s pretty awesome, because on average we’re making well over £15 risk-free profit on these bets.

Anyway, after getting the bets for a while I wondered if I should do it myself. After all, it doesn’t sound that complicated.

But, as always with Michael, what he made easy for me to follow was much harder to work out myself.

You see he just emailed me when there was a new trade possible, posted the details in my members area telling me exactly what to bet on, which bookmaker, how much to bet and what to bet on Betfair for each of the cycles.

Oh yes, there’s usually a few days between each of the cycles as well so there’s no rushing around to catch the bets.

When I went to find these bets myself, it turned out that there are loads of offers from different bookmakers but…

By the time I’d read through all the terms and conditions, either they wouldn’t work for risk-free betting or the profit was so small that it wasn’t worth the time. And I spent hours trying to work it out.

Now I know that Michael’s a pretty busy guy, so I was wondering how the hell he managed to find the bets that were profitable and make them work every time?

Well, there was only one way to find out.

I asked him.

Turns out that he has a team working with him. They monitor all the offers that bookmakers release and then they read through the terms and conditions to make sure they’re valid, before working through his strict conditions to make sure the bet is profitable.

If it is, then they let Michael know so he can tell his members about it (and place the bets himself).

What this means is that tens of man hours of work each week is boiled down to around one hour of bet placing to make £200+ every month.

It’s one of the best risk-free services out there I’ve tried and it ticks all my boxes.

Risk free
Small bankroll
Only an hour a week placing bets

If you want to check it out then Michael is also offering an insane trial. You can read all about it here.


Today's Selection courtesy of Racing Consultants

Hamilton 5.15 Paddys Rock – eachway bet – 6/1 Will Hill

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