Royal Ascot Value Selections

Do you remember Chapter Seven advised at 20/1 or Morocco Moon 28/1 SP?

Or maybe Takealookatmeknow 12/1, Neutrafa 7/1 or Power at 5/1?

Hopefully you backed them, they were all posted on this site for free and they all came from our new king of value Carl Nicholson.

Carl is somebody who only bets when there is big value to be had.

This careful and methodical betting approach doesn't produce selections everyday, but those it does produce make big profits for the patient backer.

Since Carl started proofing his selections to the outside world back in February this year he has produced a 78% Return on Investment. And trust me when I say that, that is impressive.

Big, expensive tipping services are proud of their 10 or 15% return on investment.

Carl has a selection for todays Royal Ascot Day 1, but unfortunately I'm unable to give it out here and that is because today Carl has launched his Value Backing tipping service.

Although I'm disappointed that I can't give the selection here I am grateful that we have had the opportunity to try these selections for free over the last few months and this service gets my highest recommendation, click here to check it out.

Our Selection for Today is

Thirsk 4.00 Entihaa – win bet


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2 Responses to Royal Ascot Value Selections

  1. mick cotton says:

    Try lacify a great bet at 4-1 with stan of luck.

  2. john cutler says:

    where do i view & repy my comment to


    John c

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