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Sports Betting Addict

If you have ambitions to win money from sports betting then you will want to get on this waiting list to be the first to find out about the Sporting Addicts service.

Paul Hale, a self confessed “Sporting Addict” has sucked cash from the bookies for more than two decades.

To be honest I don't know the details of the service yet, but I know Paul's reputation 🙂

Here's the blurb…

Get All of John's Selections

When you Trial his Victor Value service

Just £7 for 14 Days

Click Here for Immediate Access 

This is down to his personal passion for Sports Betting and his very impressive list of insider contacts who are totally unattached emotionally from the sport and simply love the taste of the bookies cash.

Our message to you is simple… follow Paul's advice and your whole experience of Sports betting and making a profit will change beyond all recognition!

Paul will be making it his goal to teach members the art of successful sports betting and most importantly winning consistently! He has been advising a number of close contacts for a number of years and now we have persuaded him to share his powerful winning knowledge further.

Full details here ==>

Lay Debutants

14:15:00 Kempton 5 Captain Morley
14:15:00 Kempton 10 Hooded (USA)
14:50:00 Kempton 1 Arod (IRE)
14:50:00 Kempton 5 Curbyourenthusiasm (IRE)
14:50:00 Kempton 6 Dumfries House
14:50:00 Kempton 8 Fractal
14:50:00 Kempton 11 Mairise
16:00:00 Carlisle 8 Miss Twiggy

Today's Selection

On Course Profits free Horse Racing magazine

4.00 Carlisle Kilkenny Kim – eachway bet – 7/1 Paddy Power

3 thoughts on “Sports Betting Addict”

  1. No marked difference as yet! Still a good system showing decent results.

    Speaking of systems, I think it was you who promoted the daily backing of FAV to win, with recovery of losses, and compounding. This is awesome! How can you lose?!!!!

  2. LAY DEBUTANT a fantastic system, I only lay in the place market, put in 8.0 and leave it, the Irish meetings are the best they bet to a bigger profit margin hence laying is more to our advantage.results for 11/11/13 max. lay price of 8.0 8 selections 4 qualified ( max 8.0) gave another 4 point profit.

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