by Dave French

March 26, 2012

I've just read a piece in the February 2012 issue of What Really Wins Money.

Clive Keeling, the Editor, is saying that you don't necessarily need a winning system to win money.

Because you can use a staking plan to turn a losing system into a winning one!

Now my view, which Clive poo poo's as “absolute BLEEPING BLEEP!” :-), is that if you don't have an edge with your selections then whatever smart staking plan you use will get caught out in the end.

Clive details a number of simple systems that he is following and some of them do not make a level stakes profit.

But Clive is currently in profit with all of them using various staking plans.


– Percent of bank. IE recalculate your bank after each bet and use a percentage of that bank.
– Fibonacci Sequence. First bet 1 point, next bet 2 points, then 3, 5 8 etc.
– Hipro86 Staking – A four step recovery bet that reverts to base stakes after 2 losing sequences.

Now I'm all for using a staking plan to fast track profits from a winning method. But as I said at the beginning of this piece if you don't have a winning edge then eventually any staking plan will fail.

Am I wrong?

If you have an opinion or evidence that proves me wrong I'd love to hear about it in the comments below or by email.

What I'm most interested in hearing about is long term profits that have been live tested. I'm sure that any set of past results can be added to a staking plan creator and a winning plan found.

But that is not the same as finding the staking plan and then working it forward.

Tell me what you think.

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m a great believer in staking plans and have set up spreadsheets to calculate the stakes for me, they can fail sometimes if you’re not selective with your bets, a staking plan is only as good as the bets you place.
    For example if you back horse’s with odds over 4/1 you can have a run of 15 bets to get one winner to make a profit using the following plan.
    1 point
    1 point
    1 point
    1 point
    2 point
    2 point
    3 point
    3 point
    4 point
    5 point
    6 point
    8 point
    10 point
    12 point
    15 point
    Its not as easy as you’d think to get one winner in 15 with odds over 4/1, give it a try on paper for fun!

  2. i agree you do need a good staking plan and again the plan is only as good as the bet,my staking plan is simple,simple ideas are always the best,keep it simple.my plan is i make a profit target theen i divide the stake into the odds,if i lose that bet, then i keep my profit targat and add on my loses for the next bet and again divide that into the odds, until i win, then i make the profit and also get my loses back, try it!

    bet 1 £10 odds 5/1 stakes £2 lose
    bet 2 £12 odds 4/1 stakes £3 lose
    bet 3 £15 odds 5/1 stakes £3 win
    you make £18 made the profit £10 plus £8 losing stakes return! it works try it !

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