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Winning Trainers

Matt Bisogno's Winning Trainers 2.0 is going live today at 12:00.

If you've not been following along with Matt's launch this is probably the last chance to get the free systems that have been given away.

If you get over to www.winningtrainers.co.uk before 12:00 and add your email address you should be able to pick up the 10 trainer systems and the hot jockeys system.

After 12:00 you can sign up for the Winning Trainers 2.0 service.

Here's what I know.

If you sign up you will get the Winning Trainers 2.0 manual which outlines the rules for the 10 trainers that make up the system.

You will also get access to a members area where the Winning Trainers 2.0 selections are posted each day.

There are also 4 bonuses…

– 10 Racing Angles Extra
– Winning Trainers 1.0
– Winning Trainers 2.0 – the subs bench
– Stable Tours

The bonus that caught my eye is the Stable Tours. Matt will be visiting each of the trainers featured in the Winning Trainers manual and talking to them about their horses and their plans for the season, to see if he can glean any additional profitable info.

His findings will be shared with members.

There's a lot of buzz around this and it looks like it will sell out quickly, so if you want to get involved don't dilly dally.

http://winningtrainers.co.uk – Click Here

Todays Selections

Southwell 2.20 Yahilwa – win bet –
Southwell 5.20 South Kenter – eachway bet – 20/1 Bet365, Paddy Power

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