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Market Mover Plus

The next system in Carl Nicholson's Pro Grade Gambling series of systems is released today and I've just got my copy.

Contrary Mary.

This is a real goes against what others tell you system and it tells you to do the opposite of what a lot of systems I've read preach.

Carl doesnt use any of the propriety tools to create his systems, no Horse Race Base or anything like that.

These are systems that have been created from angles that Carl has seen work and has applied to his own betting.

So far he has released the Weatherman system, which has had some huge priced winners, then he released the Goodwood system which made 11 points profit over the festival.

The latest system is called Market Mover Plus and there's one more to come next month.

You can read all about the systems here http://www.valuebacking.com/99-of-betting-systems-are-doomed/

Tomorrow we will have an article from Nick Hardman looking at the key trainer trends at Newcastle.

Today's Selection

5.40 Fontwell Academy General – win bet – 4/1

Betting Strategy

My holiday is nearly over now and so is our series of articles on how to bet like a pro.

We'll have a tip online tomorrow as normal then on Monday I'll be back hopefully refreshed hopefully with something to say 🙂

For today we need to put together what we've talked about this week into a Betting Strategy.

Successful betting is a long-term venture. Unless you do a one-off bet on the Grand National for example, once a year, you will probably be betting now and for years to come.

If this is the case, and you are not just betting for fun, then you are probably betting using it as a form of investment and moneymaking venture.

If so, you should treat it like a business and become disciplined.


Keep your eyes on your goal. Stick to what you started and don't give up.

Be Deliberate

Be deliberate. Don't try something out half-heartedly seeing if it will work or not. Find something, research it, and execute your strategy.

Be Patient

Patience is essential. For the impatient person, a week of losing bets will likely finish him or her off.

If you have researched your system well, and you know it has a good profitable history, and during that history you have seen similar losing runs, you should also realistically expect those losing runs to happen to you at some stage now or in the future.

During those losing runs it is difficult to stay focused, but if you have the patience that enables you to know that if you remain consistent and stick it out, you will most likely see the losing run pull through into a profit, you increase your chances of success.

Strategy Implementation

When you have got all of the basic fundamental foundations in place, it is time then to structure a profit strategy.

The profit strategy really goes hand-in-hand and formulates part of your vision.

The reason I have left the strategy to the end is because it is no point operating profit strategy without having the essential foundations in place first, because it doesn't matter how good the strategy is, if you're foundations are not rock solid, you almost certainly won’t go on to make a profit.

The strategy I would recommend is one that spreads your risk, and maximises your potential for success.

Let's assume you have a £1000 bank.

You should now look for at least five well researched systems for you to use. The systems should satisfy the following rules: –

– Profitable betting history – 3 years minimum
– The author should have a good reputation, and be well spoken of amongst professionals in the industry
– The system (the type of bet) should fit within your comfort zone

Let's assume we have found five systems that we want to run with. We should now divide our £1000 and into five lots (£200 per lot). These £200 lots will become our small individual banks.

We need to stake according to the way the systems advise, but only if that is within our emotional comfort zone.

The final part of the strategy is the most important part. It might sound like crazy advice, but it is essential advice, and one that should be applied to betting all the time.

You now have five lots of £200. Each of these is a bank in itself. Each of these is a small bank, and you must be willing to lose all of the £200. Before you even start betting you have to determine in your own mind the following: –

“I will invest this £200 into this betting opportunity and no matter what happens at any time now or in the future, I will continue betting with this bank even if it means I lose the entire amount”

If you can't apply this, then the £200 bank is too high, and you are emotionally too attached to it.

If you start betting with that small bank, and you pull out during a losing streak, what you are saying in effect is that you can't bear to lose any more of your bank, so you will pull out to protect your bank losing any more.

The problem with pulling out is that what stage do you pull out at? If you determine that you will stick with it regardless of whether you lose your entire bank or not, then you give the system the full opportunity to make a comeback and launch you into profit.

If you break your £1000 bank into five lots, then you do this five times. By doing this five times, you increase the opportunity for all systems to perform, thereby increasing the chances for your success.

If you have the discipline and fundamental foundations set in place, and you followed the strategy that is outlined above, you have set yourself up ready to win.

This is how you become one of the 2%. This is how the 2% of successful bettors achieve their results. They are determined, focused, disciplined and have strategy set in place. You too can follow in their steps if you are willing to go down this process.

I wish you all the very best in your betting and I hope that for many of you this article will result in changing you from having a losing bank into consistently winning bank.

Today's selection courtesy of the Betting Insiders Club.

Yesterday both Maisies Moon and Downhill Dancer ran below expectations.

For today we have a selection from a current live community trial “Goal Market Profits”.

Friday's NAP comes from Ireland and the game between UC Dublin and Derry City. UC Dublin's last 7 at home have all gone over 2.5 goals with 5 of those also going over 3.5 goals. They sit top of the goals table with 74% of their 23 games featuring 3 or more goals. They also have the worst defence in the league with 52 goals conceded. Visitors Derry are the leagues highest scorers both overall and away from home. The last 3 meetings between these sides have finished 4-2, 6-2 and 2-1. Over 2.5 goals is a standout 3/4 with BetVictor.

10pt win with BetVictor
UC Dublin v Derry City (Ireland) @3/4

Fit and Fancied Jumpers System

Before I hand you over to John for his Fit and Fancied Jumpers system I just want to mention some free training that was released yesterday that you may be interested in.

This free video and training shows a straightforward method for profiting from Forex trading and covers all the basics to help newbie traders. Click Here.

Over to John Cutts…

If you missed yesterday's message which introduced the idea behind this system, Click Here.

I promised yesterday to illustrate my research about horses turned out again quickly.

Click on the following link where i will walk you through the process where, building upon the theory i put forward yesterday that trainers have learned from the maestros like Martin Pipe and Sir Mark Prescott and now, having copied their training methods, are able to emulate their achievements with horses making a quick reappearance.

Today we look at the jumps. Tomorrow we will look at the flat. Here is the link:

Click Here for the research and system

Click Here to get the selections e-mailed to you daily

This is a system which has produced 49% winners and a ROI of 117.9% with every year a winning one since 2004 – and it is free, just to illustrate the theory.

Tomorrow we will look at similar principles, based on the same discoveries, but applied to the all weather, (very handy given the weather!). This system has a 30% strike rate and has produced an ROI of 125% since the all weather started in 1989!

John Cutts

Today's Selection

3.15 Ludlow Mickie – each way bet – 9/2 Bet 365, Will Hill, Paddy Power

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