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Profit Angle

I've just been reading the Mark Jenkins column in this months Betting Insiders. Mark is the guy who makes a £1,000 per week from arbitrage betting and he shares strategies in the Betting Insiders every month.

Almost as an aside this month he mentioned a Paddy Power offer he has been taking advantage of.

I can't see the offer at Paddy at the moment, but I think that's because of the International break and hopefully it will be back at the weekend.

The offer is money back in certain football markets if the game ends in a draw.

What Mark has been doing is to make a bet in the correct score market, choosing an outcome that is close to the Betfair price.

There will be a small loss if the match is not a draw but if it does finish in a draw you get back your stake which is all profit minus the small loss made with the difference in prices between Betfair and the Paddy price.

To guarantee a profit whether the match finishes in a draw or not then lay off the draw at Betfair.

More and more of the arbitrage bettors profit these days is made by exploiting offers, like this.

For full details of this easy money and other strategies join the Betting Insiders http://bettinginsiders.com

It could well be a losing day for the Lay Debutants today, because the only selection is an 8/11 chance, so I'll leave it to you whether you lay that one or not.

Also note that it only qualifies as a debutant because it has no UK runs, but it has run in France!!

The selections have had a huge surge of profit over the last few days so maybe this is a leveller.

Lay Debutants

15:00:00 Wolverhampton 6 Winterwell (USA)

Today's Selections (courtesy of Hawk Eye Tips – Join the waiting list here)

Wolvs 5.00 Singzak 1pt win @ 7’1 Boylesport

Arbitrage Betting

Today's guest article is from Betting Insiders contributor Mark Jenkins.

Mark is a full time arber and targets a weekly tax free profit of £1,000 from his arbs.

Here is an excerpt from his article in this months Betting Insiders report…

There are many arbitrage techniques, but generally speaking the more you can break an outcome down the better your chances of finding a money making opportunity.

One of my personal favourites is using HT/FT odds to cover the draw.

For example one recent match saw the best odds available on the draw as 12/5 (3.40 decimal).

By taking the best available HT/FT odds you could achieve 3.51.

You are only interested in the draw at full time so you need to cover the outcomes as follows.

1) Home team at halftime draw at fulltime.
2) Draw at halftime draw at fulltime.
3) Away team at halftime draw at fulltime.

Then whatever is happening at halftime the draw is covered at fulltime.

The odds were, 18/1 (19.00), 9/2 (5.50) and 19/1 (20.00).

It is easy to calculate, again we need to turn the odds to a % so 100/19 + 100/5.5 +100/20 = 28.44% then divide 100 by the % to get the relevant decimal odds 100/28.44% = 3.516.

Now that might not seem like much of an improvement but in arbitrage terms it makes a 1% trade into a 2.5% one and that is a BIG improvement.

Making money through arbitrage is just one way that I make money, there are the regular bonuses offered by the bookmakers to take advantage of, and the little incentives, such as the 1% cash back currently offered by Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), where just by depositing into a bookmaker 1% is given back by way of points that can be cashed in for actual money, this is another way of profiting from your arbitrage activities, making a 0% arb into a profitable trade if you have to deposit.

One of my arbitrage colleagues actually moves his money around every Monday morning to make profits from this incentive.

You can read more of Mark's strategies for risk free cash, including how he made a risk free 75% on an arb, in this months Betting Insiders report.

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Today's Selection courtesy of Betting Insiders

Redc 1735 Sorcellerie (Gen 11/2)

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