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Betfair Trader

Today I am mostly reading about trading.

There is an interesting article in this months SmartSigger (Get your 1st month free here http://dailypunt.com/smartsig ) about the different types of Betfair trader and what sort of trader you might be.

As well as detailing different trading strategies, it also suggested a super fast trading tool which is free to use 🙂

I haven't tried it yet, but it definitely sounds like it is worth a play.

Here are some of the key features…

– Unbeatable speed – super fast trading on Betfair

– Grid Interface – single click trading, compact Betfair-style trading grid

– Ladder Interface – full depth of market, single click trading, queue position and built-in robot

– Position In Queue (PIQ) – provides a real-time estimated PIQ, arguably the most important and unique feature of our ladder!

– Automated Trading Robot – included is a unique Betfair bot, watch it trade on the ladder for you!

– Multi-Market – trade several different markets simultaneously

– Managed Markets (Guardian) – works in the background to gather data from multiple ‘managed' markets and maintain offset bets

– Tick Offset – automatically sends an opposing bet, after you get matched

– Stop Loss – automatically limits your losses. Trailing Stop Loss can also protect profits

– Racing Autopilot – it can automatically select each horse race and move forward
Greening (Cash-out) – a single click to lock in your profit (or loss) regardless of the outcome

– Advanced Charts – possibly the most comprehensive integrated charting available in any Betfair application

I think the most interesting and important feature for the trader is the advanced charts!

You can get the software here http://www.cymatic.co.uk/

If you've used it before I'd love to have your feedback in the comments.

Today's Selection

8.45 Kempton Four Cheers – eachway bet – 14/1 Bet Victor

Daily Free Horse Racing Tips

A short post today to tell you about a place where you can get free horse racing tips everyday from quality tipsters.

The Betting School Insiders Club have just set up their own Facebook page and everyday they are posting up a selection from one of the tipping services that they work with.

Services like…








To get the free tips delivered to your Facebook feed…

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/bettingschoolinsiders

2. Click Like

3. Click the arrow next to Liked and select Get Notifications

Today's Selection

Salisbury 4.20 Prize Exhibit – each way bet – 10/1 Sky Bet

Hawkeye Column

Hawkeye TipsToday I'm pleased to announce that not only do we have some words of wisdom from Peter Hawkeye but we also have a special offer on his service.

If you check out the proofing tables at Race Advisor you'll see that Hawkeye Tips has a huge return on investment (181%) with his big priced selections and now Daily Punt readers can try them for a month for just 7.99.

You wont find this offer on any other site and this link takes you direct to Paypal, once you have completed the Paypal you will receive an email with log in details.

Click Here to Trial Hawkeye Tips

Over to Peter…

I do like it when the racing trade press make assumptions about runners that are not strictly true, I call this lazy journalism.

That is the case in point today with Gregorian 3.30 Newmarket.

In the Racing Post it states that the horse is best with some ease in the ground. Well how can that be true? When the horse has only once ran on Good – Firm going in 2011 as a 2 year old in a very hot sales race and ran pretty well.

The fact that it has not raced on that surface since must leave the original statement in doubt, for we just don’t know that it is true or not. Until we see more evidence i.e it runs on the ground a few times no one can make that judgement.

I suspect that Gregorian may run well today even though you will not get rich at 11’2.

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