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Free Horse Racing System

Lester Cavanagh from Win Eachway is giving away a free horse racing system today.

This system looks at some of the trainers we looked at yesterday, but from a different angle.

Historically the system has yielded 644 points profit betting at Betfair starting price in the last 7 years.

Results are

Bets = 738
Wins = 121
Places = 275
Profit at Betfair SP = 643
Place Profit at Betfair Place SP = 276

This systenm concentrates on summer betting mainly the flat so you will get this just in time to take advantage.

It is totally free so you can paper trade it first to get a feel for it.

Lester released a free system this time last year that made a profit over the year and his paid system that will be launched next week has done amazingly well especially since a mid season update.

Click Here to get this free system

Today's Selection

Taunton 5.20 Milosam – win bet – 6/4 Skybet

System Recommendation

Today I have an update on a system I recommended to you back February of this year.

Win Eachway System

At that time Lester Cavanagh was pretty new on the scene, but he came with good references.

Since the 28th of February there have been 101 selections with 49 of those in the money (they either won or placed).

That's not a huge number of bets averaging just 18 per month, but the profit at Betfair SP has returned a nice 34% profit on the monies invested.

So although the volume of bets is quite low the return far exceeds most systems and tipsters and this system has proven to be a steady earner.

It has had it;s ups and downs and no doubt some users have dropped out during the losing spells, but the long term profit has proven to be worthwhile and this system is recommended as an addition to your betting portfolio.

There is also a very comprehensive results sheet that is quite impressive and you can see that by going to http://wineachway.co.uk/ and clicking on the results tab.

The system itself costs £47 + vat and for an additional £17 per month you can have the selections found for you and emailed daily.


Winners Everyday

If any readers have joined Winners Everyday or know anything about it then I'd be pleased to hear your feedback. http://winnerseveryday.co.uk/

Today's Selection

Newcastle 5.55 Andiamo Via – each way bet – 13/2 Sky Bet

Handicap Draws

Did you get involved at Chester on Friday?

You will recall that we said stalls 1 and 2 were favoured, particularly over 5 furlongs, 6 furlongs, 1 mile 3 and 1 mile 4.

The results on Friday for the two 5 furlong races were a win for stall 1 at 4/1 and a win for stall 2 at 7/4.

And there was a race at 1 mile 4 furlongs which was won by the stall 1 horse at 7/2.

Saturday saw a 9/1 winner from stall 1 in the 6 furlong handicap, with stall 1 or 2 placing in the other two qualifying races.

Not everybody appreciates the info though, I got this email before racing…

are you taking the pi** my name is ******, i was born in curzon park west 48 years ago which overlooks the roodeye ive watched every race at chester since i could walk,and your trying to give me advice about chester race course,only 2 jockeys could ever ride chester and master it,the great lester piggot,and unbelievably alex greaves.no other jockey ive ever seen could bounce out a horse drawn low over 5 furlongs like them two,and todays jockeys havent a clue,you have to be whipping the horse out of the stalls,so thanks but no thanks,and please take me off your mailing list *******

I've added the asterisks but otherwise that's the whole mail as I received it 🙂

That aside I picked up an excellent tip for researching draw biases over the weekend.

Actually it was one of those ideas that's so obvious I can't believe I hadnt already thought of it myself, doh.

Basically the advice was that when researching biases regarding aspects of the course or conditions then do your research on handicaps, because in theory all runners should be equally matched. So any bias should be more prominent.

So for example with the draw if the horse in the stall you are looking at is a no hoper then his run will skew the statistics. But if all runners are handicapped to win then the results should be a better representation of the facts.

The next Chester meeting is on August 4th and Pontefract is this Friday.

Today's Selection courtesy of No Risk Tipster (Try for 1 month free)

Wolverhampton 9.20 Glenridding – win bet – 4/1 Boylesport

I Love Betting Systems

If you are on Lester Cavanagh's mailing list you may have already seen this but it's a fun article about using betting systems and I'm happy that Lester has let me publish it here.

Before I hand you over to Lester a quick update. I got off to a losing start with Classic Racing yesterday but had an excellent day with Mark Foley's Trainer Trends.

Mark had a busy day with 13 selections, 4 winners and +8.50 points at SP, very nice – Trainer Trends

Over to Lester…

I love betting systems. Alright love may be a bit of a strong word…

No, actually I don't think it is.

Every time I come up with one my heart skips a beat and I get butterfly's in my stomach. If I don't use one for a while I miss it. Systems even keep me warm at night (expensive duvet) and don't complain if I leave the toilet seat up!

Don't get me wrong I have had a few bad experiences along the way with systems that just used me for the money without showing any love in

Sometimes me and the system are getting along fine and then we fall out over the 4.15 at Newcastle. We almost always make up, usually after the next winner and all is forgiven.

I love systems for a number of reasons.

I like the intense research months where I think about nothing else. I get lost in a world of videos, facts figures and trends and then that amazing Eureka moment when everything falls into place and you know it will work.

I'm not alone in my love for systems but for every system fan there will be two haters somewhere.

You must have heard it before. Some will swear that systems don't work and they would be half right. Some systems dont work usually because they don't have the key ingredient present, an angle.

They will usually mention the dreaded word backfitting. Backfitting is a dirty word in our industry. Backfitting is the manipulation of data to produce results that wouldn't stand up to real life betting.

I agree to some extent but I had this argument with a pro gambler once who read form to find the value necessary to make a long term profit. He said he didn't use systems because of the backfitting issue.

I said the definition of a betting system is the use of past data to help us find future winners. He agreed.

I asked him how he came to find his bets. He wouldn't tell me the whole story but he reeled off a number of things he looked for before making a bet.Most of it was stat based.

You should have heard the language when I said “so you use past data and information to hopefully find a future winner, sounds like a betting system to me…..”

Betting systems can be based on anything but the best ones are the simple ones based on a strong angle.

One system that did the rounds years ago (name escapes me) was based on an angle but didn't have a strong and logical reason.

The system seller didn't reveal the angle and just sold the selections which is fine and at first the selections did quite well until the system rules were unveiled by a bitter friend.

The one and only rule of the system was to bet on any horse who's jockey was wearing pink colours!

Needless to say the system didn't work long term.

When I personally design a system the angle has got to come first. To get the ideas I read as much as I can and watch as much as I can.

The inspiration may come from an article or a result or even something a presenter has said (usually not the channel 4 lot).

The keys to using a system once one has been found are confidence and patience which generally go hand in hand but the single most important thing to develop when betting in general is discipline.

To be disciplined you need to be able to cope with what I call the itch.

The itch is always there for some, including me.

Gambling can be like an itch you can't scratch and when you do it moves to somewhere else, ahhh annoying!!

The itch tells us to gamble when we shouldn't and there is money to be made everyday on a multitude of different sports.

It is what makes us bet on the Mongolian goat hurding at 1.30 in the morning. Yes we may have spent hours on Hurdingstats.com which convinces us to make the bet when we know we really shouldn't.

Betting systems help me control the itch and systems themselves can help you on the way to a disciplined mind set.

These days I am just as proud of myself for avoiding a bad bet as I am when I win a good one.

Apart from the big meetings I hardly ever try and read form at all, and it's still a system as explained earlier. My systems tell me when to bet based on years of stats, and just as importantly when not to bet!

For example football. It is my first sporting love and the sport I feel I have most knowledge about. Can I win at it?…..Not a bean so I have stopped. I suppose that is a system in itself.

The don't bet on football system has made/saved me thousands.

When I am searching for a system to review, follow or recommend I look for the angle first. If it is a sound and logical angle I will explore the system further.

Then the results. Any system must have many months if not years of publicly displayed results or at the very least been proofed to me or someone I trust.

Then we must decide whether the system will suit our style of betting.

Some will have multiple bets a day and other will have less than one a week.

We must also look at the stake size we must use to pay for the system/selections and make a nice profit.

Credentials of the seller are also important. Is he/she a real person? Has the product been reviewed on a trusted website?

Only then can we consider giving the system a trial to small stakes or even better by paper trying trading first.

After all that and more we can take the plunge. There is no better feeling when discovering an easy to use system that makes money.

I suppose at the end of the day systems can be a cruel mistress at times and even the best can make you fell like leaving them.

Once you have found the right one treat her well, respect her and spend time with her and the rewards can be amazing.

Choose her at random without paying any attention and leaving the toilet seat up will be the least of your worries…….

Good luck
Lester Cavanagh

To find out more about Lester and his excellent Win Each Way system – Click Here

Today's Selection

Cheltenham 2.00 Ma Filleule – win bet – 7/4 Sky Bet, Bet 365, Bet Victor

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