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A Winner a Day

Today Malcom Pett is back after an enforced break due to a major technical failure 🙁

Who said finding one winner per day was easy?

Over the years I have spent a lot of time trying to work out how to pick just one runner a day that will win.

I know it is not an easy task but you would think with experience that it should be possible.

Then I was talking to one of my “Tipster” friends who actually supplies a “one a day” tip to a select number of people.

After a bit of digging it turns out that even his single tip is his “Best” selection from his 3 top selections each day.

He said that he found out a long time ago that looking for just a single winner is very difficult, so he switched to finding 3 (originally 4) selections a day.

He said that friends he had talked to himself…

…All had a number between 3 and 10 that they would consider as their best selections a day.

They would then work out how to make money depending on the prices and how successful they were at getting winners from those selections.

He settled on 3 because he normally found at least one winner a day from that number of selections.

It also turns out that although he had come up with various staking plans the most simple one, was just to “stop” as soon as he got his first winner of the day.

He found this strategy had worked very well.

After a bit of arm twisting (long story to come later) he agreed to show me what he meant…

…In fact he agreed to show all our site visitors over at Grey Horse Bot his 3 selections a day.

You can follow along yourself here:

At the time of writing this he has already had 2 day’s where all 3 selections won.

Putting this tipsters tips aside…maybe this is a better strategy to adopt.

Instead of pressuring yourself to find just one winner, you could first find out if you can get better at selecting 1 winner out of 3 or even 1 winner from 5.

Once you can do this you may then be able to work out a money strategy that will allow you to make a profit from using just those selections.

From the looks of our tipsters selections so far he doesn’t just pick favourites but he does tend to pick strong contenders. Many of his winners are above even’s but probably within the top 3 in the betting order.

You can check out the selections here.

Thank-you as always for reading I really appreciate it.

The Grey Horse Bot.

Today's Selection

3.40 Taunton Kalimantan – win bet – 11/10 Coral

Brand New Betting Bot

Today you are the very first people to hear about a new betting bot that has been created by our programmer here at TGH Trading.

About 3 months ago somebody contacted us here and asked if we would build an automated betting bot for their own private use.

This person had been using a particular system since July 2012 but the system took too much time to operate throughout the day.

We quoted a price, a deposit was paid and we started building the bot.

And we started following the system to see if it really was as good as this guy claimed.

Frankly we were amazed when it made 155 points profit since early March up until yesterday.

Once we saw that the system was working we started hinting that we might like to sell this bot to our customers.

System users are always worried about profits being effected by too many people using their system. And I suppose that is a valid concern, anyway to cut a long story short we have been allowed to recruit 50 users for this new bot.

12 of those places have already gone to friends and family, so that leaves 38.

Now because there are so few places and because this bot has more winning days than losing and it can be left totally hands free to do it's thing, it is expensive.

If you do the math you'll see that you don't need very big stakes to cover the cost of £95 per month (£2.50 per race should cover the fee).

But to get you started there is a £20 trial for the first month, so hopefully by the second month you will be paying from profit.

This post is going on a bit but I'll briefly tell you a bit more about what the bot does.

It bet's on most races throughout the afternoon and evening.

It bets between 1 and 3 selections in each race.

It is all level stakes with no loss recovery or crazy staking. You set the stake per race and that is your total risk on that race.

If you want to try it for £20 for a month then go to http://mysteryhorsebot.com

Today's Selection

Leicester 4.45 Velox – eachway bet – 11/2 Paddy Power

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