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Greyhound Selections – Process

So yesterday I promised I would show you how I got the greyhound selections in just 15 minutes for the 61 selections.

I'll show an example below and I have selections for Perry Bar.

First off the results for yesterday.

There were a couple of non runners with reserves in their place, I didnt bet these, although one of them won so it would have been more profitable just to back the reserve in the same trap.

I suggested dutching all the selections, but that option would have lost money as it turned out, with a loss of two points although we did win 12 of the 22 races assessed.

The best profit came from betting all selections to level stakes, which gave a 13.66 point profit and a 22% return on investment. These results are calculated on prices that I got in the minutes before the off on Betfair.

I think that the level stakes profit is better than dutching because it capitalises on the value selections that are uncovered. The first winner of the day, in the first race was matched at 13.0.

What I used to get the selections is BagsBeater 2, this version of the software works out all the times for you and it just takes a couple of clicks of the mouse to get the selections.

You can't usually buy BagsBeater 2 off the shelf but I've arranged for Daily Punt readers to buy it direct for £24.99 plus £5 per month for as long as you use it. Click Here (This link will take you straight to Paypal and after payment you will be redirected to the download page)

So the process is to open Bags Beater 2, select the race from the drop down boxes, click the extract button, then click on the Bags Beater tab.

Bags Beater screenshot

Click to enlarge image

The Bags Beater tab will take you to this page where you have to make a judgement, this is the first race of the day and to me it looks like Trap 3 has lots of space.

Which in turn will give trap 4 plenty of room and trap 6 also looks likely to have space, although you could argue that trap 1 should be in the mix!

This is the first race of the day rather than a perfect example but it shows that you will have to make a judgement.

Bags Beater screenshot

Click image to enlarge

It's all been a rush this morning but I have whizzed through the Perry Barr card…


11.11 346
11.28 15
11.42 346
11.57 134
12.12 – no bet
12.27 234
12.42 234
12.55 – no bet
13.12 345
13.27 134
13.44 456
13.58 235

Today's Selection 

Beverely 4.00  Collateral Damage

Winning at the Dogs

Winning at the Dogs

Today I want to share with you an angle for winning at the dogs.

The dog markets get stronger by the day and there is plenty of action to assess. That can make it all overwhelming, but on the other hand if you have one or two angles that you can quickly identify then you can get plenty of action for your systems.

The angle I want to talk about today is greyhound bitches and their seasons.

A greyhound bitch will come into season once or twice a year. They are not allowed to run when they are in season. But when they do come back they do not run to their previous form.

It takes some time before they are back to their best, with the key date being 16 weeks after their season.

So you regularly get a scenario where a bitch is running in say an A6 grade, then comes into season. After her break she returns and runs some qualifying trials and is not at her best and ends up in a grade A7 or A8.

She runs poorly in a few races and then week 16 arrives and she's feeling better.

Then we have an A6 winning dog running in an A8 race. Now they don't all win but if you catch them at the right time as long as they are capable of winning (IE they aren't one of those dogs that doesn't like to be in front) then you can follow them until they do and come out in front.

So to demonstrate I've tracked one down today.

Now it's not the perfect example, because Lisnakill Joanna has just won in an A8 and is today in an A7.

So she's already showed some improvement. But last summer she won an A5 in 28.67. That form would see her win this comfortably.

The Racing Post forecast a starting price of 11/4 and she runs in the 5.47 at Belle Vue. However well she does today this is a profitable strategy worth getting familiar with.

Find Greyhound Season Date

Greyhound Season Date

This image shows where to find the season date on the Racing Post card.

Today's Selection

Wolverhampton 6.00 Dreamy Ciara – win bet

Belle Vue 5.47 Lisnakill Joanna – Win Bet

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