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Automated Betting

Today we have a new article from Malcolm Pett the creator of the Grey Horse Bot.

To find out more about the GreyHorse Bot visit Malcolm website here http://greyhorsebot.com
Knowing when to say enough is enough…

One of the reasons I originally created the Grey Horse Bot is that it allowed me to automatically stop betting.

And it also stopped me chasing loses.

I started in the early days with greyhound racing (that’s where the “Grey” comes from) and I followed a “Stop at a winner” system.

The problem I had was that even after that first win I couldn’t help myself starting again.

There were so many Greyhound races everyday that if I won early, it was just too tempting not to try again.

Of course you know what happened next…

…I couldn’t get a winner.

This led to the second problem of not knowing when to cut my losses.

Creating the Grey Horse Bot allowed me to “set and forget” knowing full well the bot would either stop as soon as it got a winner or if I hit my stop loss.

The other problem with Greyhound racing is that Bags races happen every 10 minutes and it is so easy to miss a race when the phone rang or you start chatting to someone.

Even reading an email can be enough to take your attention away from the racing just long enough to miss a race.

Having the Grey Horse Bot do everything for me just made life a lot easier.
The next step was to run the bot on a VPS or server that was permanently attached to the internet at all times.

This meant I didn’t even have to think about the bot, day to day.
Our longest running test was over 6 month’s non-stop. It would have been longer except the server had to be reset for an important update.

Testing is a very important part of my day to day betting activity and although I am a great believer in “paper” testing and would suggest you always do this…
(The Grey Horse Bot does paper test as well.)

…It’s not until you actually bet live when you find out if the selections your following are going to produce a profit.

I think this is where automated betting comes into its own.

Having the ability to set aside part of your bank just for these selections and set a stake that is smaller than you would normally have to use, all helps in the testing process.

Here is an example.

In last week’s article I introduced a new test for a simple system I came up with using 2nd ranked runners based on the BSP early morning prices.

Here is the article.

So I set up a Grey Horse Bot on one of our servers and set aside a £10 bank for the test.

I like to use a % of bank as my start test stake.

This may not work well with all systems but I find it a good place to start.
And if the test goes well then your stake should naturally increases but if not, your stake drops.

If I know the strike rate of my system I normally work out the Longest Losing Run expected statistically, add a little and use the figure as my stop loss.

If not…I normally set it at an equivalent of around 20 to 30 points.

Your have to decide what’s best for you.

Once that’s done then all I have to is click “start” and let the bot do the rest.
The Grey Horse Bot can automatically download selections based on your own criteria or using the special links that are often given to our members when we start a new test.

The link contains a live feed that the bot checks every so often and if it finds new selections it automatically adds them ready to monitor.

There is a link in the member’s area for the test from last week’s article.

I love automation and it doesn’t get any better than this.

But best of all I no longer have to worry about missing races or stopping when I should, it is all done automatically.

Thank you as always for reading I really do appreciate it.


The Grey Horse Bot


Today's Selection

3:00 Bangor Clondaw Kaempfer – eachway bet 15/2 Bet Victor

Free Horse Racing Magazine

Today we have a couple of updates plus details of our free mobile magazine.

Windsor Highest Drawn Horse

You'll remember we posted this on Thursday and the first meeting since the research was Saturday afternoon.

There were 6 qualifying races on the day and of the 6 bets 1 won with an SP of 8/1.

The Betfair SP was 12.0

So a good day, but the jury is still out on this system.

One helpful reader checked the year to date for this method and posted this comment…

Highest drawn horse excluding 1m3f 2014
64 bets 10 wins return to bsp less commission 103.16
1m3f races 9 bets, 1 win return 3.40.figures may be skewed by 1 horse winning at 47.55

Pontefract Draw

This had a losing day yesterday with just a one 5/2 (BSP 3.74) winner from 6 qualifying races.

Free Horse Racing Magazine

We've launched an electronic magazine so you can easily keep up with Daily Punt on your phones and tablets (it can also be read online on PC or Mac)

Currently it's just getting the articles from Daily Punt, but we have plans to add some
exclusive content later this month, so it's well worth having and is totally free forever.

Register here http://dailypunt.com/daily-punt-magazine-subscribe-free/

Today's Selection

Startford 6.00 Thatchers Gold – win bet – 7/4 Bet 365

Free Each Way Betting System

Back and Lay Each Way

A lot of people think they know about the Back and Lay Each Way betting system and a lot of people have tried it and failed.

But what they don't realise is that people are using this system every day and have done for years, and they have been making profit for years.

The method has been published in various formats before and it ha also formed the basis of profitable software as well.

But there is one guy who knows more than most about this method and that's the guy who taught it at a seminar as far back as 2005.

That man was John Duncan and he has published a book that explains the system and the best way to operate it.

That book is available for free on Amazon Kindle for the next few days.

You don't need a Kindle device to read it, there are free Kindle readers available for PC, Mac, Ipad, Android tablets and smart phones.

Get you free copy here  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CCDMFQ0

Lay Debutants 

14:30:00 Uttoxeter 3 Farasi Kubwa
14:30:00 Uttoxeter 7 Keen Eye (IRE)
14:30:00 Uttoxeter 10 Midnight Request
14:30:00 Uttoxeter 11 No Routine (IRE)
15:10:00 Brighton 1 Armourer (IRE)
15:10:00 Brighton 5 Confucius Legend (IRE)
15:10:00 Brighton 9 Spectator
15:30:00 Uttoxeter 4 Flemenson (IRE)
18:20:00 Kempton 3 Zealand (IRE)

Today's Selection

3.20 Wincanton My Brother Sylvest – win bet – 9/4 Bet 365, Paddy Power, Sky Bet, Bet Victor

Automated Betting – Virtual Private Servers

We had an email in yesterday asking about running bots on Virtual Servers, so I thought today I'd give a quick update on the Mystery Horse Bot and explain what a virtual server is and how to get one.

The Mystery Horse Bot has had 6 winning days and 3 losing days this month so far.

The profit this month is 12.36 points or £123.60 if you use £10 stakes.

The profit since it was first available on June 1st is 86.14 or £861.40 to £10 stakes.

There has been 1 losing month of 11.99 points.

There is now a cheaper version of the bot available and that costs £29.97 per month but restricts your stake to a maximum of £10 per month. There is also the option to increase that stake limit at any time by buying extra credit.


Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS can be thought of as a computer that you can use that is located somewhere else.

That somewhere else will be a data centre and it will have back up power systems and multiple internet connections and will likely be guaranteed to be switched on and connected 99.9% of the time.

So why might you need this?

Using the Mystery Horse Bot(MHB) as an example. The MHB needs to be running all the time that UK racing is on. So that is typically between 1.30 until 9.30 each day.

So that means you will have to leave your PC switched on and connected to the internet. If you don't want to leave your PC running you can use a VPS.

So the VPS is a Windows PC that is running 24 hours a day 7 days per week and it is located in a data centre. You can access it through software called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) (free for PC & Mac and available for tablets and smartphones).

When you connect with RDC you will see the screen of your virtual server and be able to operate it just as if you were sitting in front of it.

You would download your software direct to the VPS and start it running. In the case of the Mystery Bot it can be left running continuously for days on end, so you can leave it running for days and just check in every few days.

So where do you get a VPS, the most common supplier in the UK is Tagadab

The screenshot below shows the selections you should make at Tagadab to buy a server that will run the Mystery Horse Bot.


Hopefully I've answered all your questions but if you have any further questions then ask me in the comments.

Lay Debutants

17:40:00 Kempton 7 Allegra Clairmont
17:40:00 Kempton 9 Puteri Kash
18:10:00 Kempton 12 Secret Hint

Today's Selection

3.20 Exeter Bishophill Jack – eachway bet – 9/1 Bet 365

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