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Greyhounds: What does it all mean

If you've been following along with the greyhound form and especially if you are new to the dogs you're are bound to have seen something in the race comments that you didnt understand.

So today I'm just going to run through all the standard abbreviations.

A – always
Aw – away
Awk – awkward
B – badly
Blk – baulked
Bmp – bumped
Bnc – bunched
Bnd – bend
Brk – break
Btn – beaten
Chl – challenged
Ck – checked
Ckg – checking
Clr – clear
CmAg – cameagain
Crd – crowded
Crmp – cramped
Dis – distance
Disp – disputed
DNF – did not finish
Drpd – dropped
E – early
EvCH – every chance
F – fast
Fcd – forced
Fd – faded
Fin – finished
Fr – From
Hgh – high
HldOn – held on
Imp – impeded
Jkt – jacket
Jp – jump(ed)
Lcd – lacked
Ld – lead/led
Lm – lame
Ln – line
Lse – loose
Mid – middle
Mod – moderately
Msd – missed
Mzl – muzzle
Nr – near
Nv – never
Outp – outpaced
P – pace(d)
Pkd – pecked
Q – quick
Rec – record
ReRn – re-run
Rls rails/railed
Rn – ran/run
RnIn – run-in
RnUp – run-up
S – slow
Shw – showed
Slp – slipped
Sn – soon
Stb – stumbled
Stk – struck
Stt – start
Styd – stayed
Swv – swerved
T – to
Tbl – trouble
Th'out – throughout
Tp – trap
V – very
W – wide
Wll – well
Wn – won

Saturday Selections

Before I get on to the Saturday selections I just want to slip in an update on The Form Man.

A lot of people who missed out on joining this have asked and also some people who joined but then dropped out want to know how it is going.

So a quick recap, this is a service that had made 150 points in one month to level stakes when we first mentioned it.

It involves backing horses to win and place at Betfair SP at level stakes. So there's no loss recovery or anything dodgy like that and everyone gets the same results.

But it has had some downs following the ups and that's why a lot of people have dropped out leaving some places available now.

The results that I can verify are below, all to level stakes.

August 2012 + 143.7 (£1437 to £10 stakes)

September 2012 + 82.39 (£823 to £10 stakes)

October 2012 + 7.7 (£77 to £10 stakes)

November 2012 + 32.14 (£321 to £10 stakes)

December 2012 – 27.96 (-£279 to £10 stakes)

January 2013 to 17th + 67.56 (£675 to £10 stakes)

That averages out at over 50 points per month.

If you want a place on this then you can get one here – Click Here.

Today's Football Selection courtesy of Football Bets (Click Here for £1 trial)

West Brom v Aston Villa (5:30pm)

‘OVER 2.5 Goals' at 7/8 (1.88) Pinnacle 43/50 (1.86) SboBet 17/20 (1.85) Expekt Canbet Nordicbet 16/19 (1.84) 32Red Dafabet 12Bet (1.89 Betfair) 1pt

Racing Selection

2.20 Kempton Light from Mars – eachway bet

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