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More Henderson Hurdlers

So yesterday we discovered that the profit in the last two years from Nicky Henderson's hurdlers all came from just two jockeys.

Today I want to look at race courses to see if the profit is coming from favoured tracks and first off I'm going to look only at the rides of Barry Geraghty.

The reason for this is that he takes the majority of the rides at the Henderson yard and if we could find some profit from his rides we would have a larger sample.

The trouble, I imagine, when you are a stable jockey is that you ride everything that you are available for so that has to include a lot of horses that have little chance of winning.

So what we need is some other indicator of when a horse has a chance because I'm sure Barry is as good as McCoy, but McCoy is called in when an owner wants somebody special, so that is an indicator itself that the horse has a solid chance.

I don't think that particular race tracks is the key we're looking for to unlock the profits from Barry Geraghty rides, so if you have a suggestion on what might be then drop it in the comments.

But for now we'll look at courses and see where that gets us.

The table below shows Barry Geraghty rides on Nicky Henderson trained hurdlers since January 2013 broken down by course and only showing those where there have been more than 10 runs.

Barry Geraghty by Course Table


Ok we can see that there are very impressive strike rates at the bottom four courses and strong profits at three of those so maybe that is a system itself?

Next I'm going to look at courses for all jockeys.


Henderson Hurdlers by Course Table


Now we see profit at Bangor, Doncaster, Huntingdon, Kempton, Sandown, Stratford and Uttoxeter (just).

Most of the profit comes from the same tracks with the additions having either small volume or small profit.

So I'm going to finish off today by telling you that since January 1st 2013 backing all Nicky Henderson hurdlers at Doncaster Kempton and Sandown would have produced a 30% strike rate from 111 bets and a huge 60% return on investment.

As they say in the finance adverts past results are not a guarantee of future gains or some such disclaimer, but I will be monitoring the Henderson hurdlers at these courses going forward.

Today's Selection

12.40 Southwell Bitaphon – win bet – 9/2 Betfred

Betting Speed Evolution

At 12:00 noon today Betting Speed Evolution will be available to the public, hopefully there will still be places left as there is an invite only early bird list.

If you are interested in software that will find all your bets for you and make strong profits then check this out from 12:00 Click Here

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Matt Lidner

Matt made 1.75 points yesterday. (edited out error)

Here are the day 3 selections…


1.15 No 5 Sir Prancelot 2pt bet
1.50 No 8 Sir Graham wade 3pt bet
2.20 No 7 Sadlers rock 2pt bet
2.55 No 1 Certify 4pt bet
3.30 No 1 Ashdan 3pt bet
4.05 No 15 Duke of firenze 3pt bet
4.35 No 15 Pink damsel 3pt bet

Create a Winning System

One of the things we get asked a lot is how do you create a winning system.

On one level it is very easy! All you have to do is to find a situation that is regularly available to bet at value odds. Easy, in theory, not so easy to find.

The thing is how do you know the true likelihood (odds) of an event occurring.

Well one way is to put in hours and hours of work researching your subject until you can are confident that you know how many times this thing will happen in every hundred or thousand replays of teh situation.

Another way is to ride piggy on the back of some body who has already put in the work and who has declared a price that includes a big margin for themselves.

Who has done all this work?

It's Mr Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power

If these guys are pushing you to make a bet, IE selling you on that bet by advertising it on their homepage and in their shop windows then you can bet that they are sure there is huge value for them in that bet.

If you can lay the same bet at similar odds then you are onto a winner and if you can do this regularly then you have an income.

One guy who makes his living from these types of situations is Gary Fonzy author of the Scoring For Profit system.

His system went on sale in 2010 and has made strong profits for both of it's first two seasons and kicked off this campaign on Sunday and is 3 from 3 so far.

Check out Scoring For Profit here

Today's Selection

Beverley 3.50 Fear Nothing

Rate Any Race in Seconds – Free Tool

There are so many solutions to help the horse bettor find their selections.

Ranging from cheap as chips systems to mega expensive software or ratings.

But you may (or may not) be surprised to know that you don't have to spend big money to make strong profits.

Today I want to tell you about a free tool that is surprisingly succesful.

You will have to invest a bit of time each day to rate your races but your time investment will gain you a definite edge.

To find out more and to get free life time access Click Here

Today's Selection

Salisbury 2.30 Momalorka

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