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Greyhound Racing Videos

Before I get into the specifics of finding winning dogs by reading the form I want to just give a bit more background info and talk about a method I used to use when I was full time betting the greyhounds…

Finding the winning greyhound in a graded race is about a lot more than the times it has achieved in the past.

Graded racing is the greyhound equivalent of a handicap race except that greyhounds are not allocated any sort of handicap to slow them down.

Instead they selected to be as closely matched as possible.

The Racing Managers job is to put together races that are as closely matched as possible and to, if you like, create a puzzle for the punters.

On course bookmaking at greyhound tracks is notoriously hard, mainly because when money talks in a small market there are not the opportunities to balance out a book. This is the reason that on course overrounds are huge at greyhound tracks and the reason that the Racing Manager does his best to make the races as decipherable as possible.

Don’t let any of this put you off, though, because winners can be found if you are selective and if the meeting is covered by Betfair then fair prices can be obtained also.

As with any activity knowledge equals power or in this case the more you know the more profitable you can be. The ultimate level of knowledge is to have watched every race ever run by every dog in the race to hand and to know how each has been performing at home. (Many trainers these days have some sort of track at their own kennels).

It is unlikely that you can get inside info on every dog in a race but you can often get to see every race a dog has run. For some years now tracks have supplied videos of all races run to those prepared to pay for the privilege. And the backer who focuses on one particular track can, given time, watch every run of a particular animal. However this is an expensive, although ultimately profitable, approach.

I will briefly touch on the things to watch out for when race watching here and next time we'll get on to a more form based approach.

Racing Videos

When watching greyhound racing in the main what you are looking for is

• Dogs that have had a hard race (bumped and blocked) but still performed well indicating they are faster than the time recorded. They are likely faster than the bare form suggests. If you are in the bookies watching the BAGS racing and you see a dog that had a hard race make a note of it and check the results to see what tine it did and estimate what time you think it should have done,. It may be a good bet next time out.

• How a dog breaks from the traps EG do they run straight to the rail, which would cause trouble for the dog inside them but hand an advantage to the dog on their outside. This info can be useful in assessing the chances of the dog in question and other dogs.

• Are they on the bunny! IE doing everything in their power to get in front and win or did they give up easy & just follow the pack home. Chasers, who are not really up for it will win less than their share of races because they don't like to be in front.

CashFlow Trader

We have something a little different today from a guy called Jeremy Downing.

Jeremy has been and still is making a lot of money from just 5 minutes per day.

He has made a series of videos that teach his methods that took him 10 years to develop.

Jeremy spent over £20,000 to develop and learn his methods and he is now dedicated to teaching others to be financially independent.

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On Saturday Nick got off to a great start with his first column for us, with two of his selections placed at 16/1 and 33/1.

We hope to have Nick back again soon.

Today's Selection

4.40 Lingfield Brownsville – eachway bet – 6/1 Bet 365, Paddy Power

It Can Be Done

It Can Be Done by Kevin BlakeMy copy of ‘It Can Be Done' has just arrived, so that's my weekend reading sorted.

This should be some read if it lives up to the promises made in the blurb.

Sick of the negative stereotypes that surround those that bet on horse racing, The Irish Field's chief racing analyst and At The Races pundit Kevin Blake puts his neck on the line and goes public with his betting methods and reveals the thinking behind every bet he had during the 2013 flat season.

All bets struck have been verified by The Irish Field. In this astonishing book he reveals exactly how he won a small fortune in just six months of betting and tells you how IT CAN BE DONE. Kevin's book runs to 154 pages and is essential reading for everyone involved in the horse racing industry.

I've only just got the book so haven't had time to assess it yet, but the first thing I noticed is that there is a profit or loss statement at the end of each chapter.

So I don't want to spoil the ending but at the same time I couldn't resist skipping ahead to the last chapter.

Kevin Blake made a fully verified £44,500 in 5 months, Very Impressive! Order the book on Amazon

I've also got the Puntology Lesson 1 to read and a load of videos to watch, so it's going to be a busy few days.

Mud Maestro

Another winner from Mud Maestro yesterday and we have selections again today.

13:50:00 Huntingdon 4 Generous Ransom (IRE) – 11/4 Bet 365
15:25:00 Huntingdon 4 Brandon Thomas (IRE) – 2/1 Paddy Power
16:00:00 Huntingdon 3 Secret Edge – 14/1 Paddy Power

Great Weekend 20/1 Win

We had a good weekend with our Saturday bets 🙂

Mountainous won for us at 20/1 which for a £10 eachway bet returned £270, happy days for me and hopefully you were on as well.

A few places gave Mountainous, including the free ante post service we made available to you earlier this month and Mark Foley's Trainer Trends service.

The football bet that came from TAPS hit four out of the five selections and returned just over double the total stake.

Finally for today news of a special sale, I've just heard that the Betting School Insiders Club still has a handful of places available on their Xmas discount offer.

Here's the mail I just received from Betting Insiders…

As you probably know the regular deal for the annual subscription to Betting Insiders is £239.88 for that you get…

– 12 months of Portfolio selections emailed daily
– 12 monthly issues of the Betting Insiders reports
– 12 months access to the members area and the members forum
– All the usual bonus items, the systems archive, the videos and software etc.

Annual members also get all the current years back issues, so that would be January to December 2013 issues in a leather gold embossed binder (not real gold or leather!)

But there’s more, for this once a year discount offer you will also get a full set of 2012 reports (January to December)

So that’s 24 back issues to get you up to speed quickly.

The price is £143.93, that works out at just £11.99 per month, just our daily tips are worth 3 times that, in fact there are people charging 9 or 10 times that for inferior tips.

But you don’t just get tips you will have 24 back issues, you will have access to our expert authors and their research which is what keeps us ahead of the competition.

There are 10 places and once they are gone they are gone until next December.

When you complete the registration form make sure you have a coupon code of 2C5736D4 in the box, it should be automatically entered.

Here’s the link


Happy New Year from all of us at Betting Insiders

Darren and Steve

Today's Selection

Haydock 12.20 Amore Mio – win bet – 11/4 Bet 365, Bet Victor

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