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Take Advantage of the Frankie Factor

Do you remember the day that Frankie Dettori went through the card at Ascot?

If you don't remember then you have surely heard of it.

As the meeting progressed the bookies realised that they had 50p and £1 accumulators running into 6 figure liabilities.

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And so they slashed the prices on Frankie's mounts.

In the last Fujiyama Crest should have been a 12/1 shot, but the weight of money from the big bookmaker chains forced that in to 2/1 to limit their liabilities.

And in reality the money they sent to the course should have shortened it to odds on, but for the brave on course bookies who decided a 7 timer was impossible and to lay it for all they had.

Barry Dennis stood it for £23,000 (this was 1996) when his previous biggest losing day had been £5,000.

He was convinced he had done the right thing. He was laying a 12/1 shot at 2/1, you can't get better value than that!

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Gary Wiltshire was much bolder about taking the value and faced liabilities of £800,000 and a very difficult few years, having had to sell his house and cars.

Of course things have changed since then, with everybody linked up to Betfair.

But small stake accumulators still have an impact on betting markets and today I have details of a free system which exploits this situation to make us regular profits.

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