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Top Ten Tipsters

It seems that this past week has been a quite one and many of the climbers are elevated in their positions in the table more as a result of the poorer performance of other services rather than as a consequence of their own good selections.

As mentioned previously the Tipster Table is based on the last 30 days selections and uses the Best Odds Guaranteed prices to record the level of profit. The overall Return on Investment is our main concern, but obviously this has to be coupled with a reasonable strike rate.

None of us like long losing runs, but losing runs you can guarantee will occur. It is important to be confident in the service you are using that long term; overall, they will deliver overall profit to your bank.
All prices quoted are at advised odds.

1. Value Backing ExtraStrike Rate 29% ROI 300%
Value Backing Extra still heads the table this week even though there have been no selections for this service over the past seven days. The ROI is incomparable and as such selective betting definitely seems to be the key. We are aware of the strong likelihood that an ROI of 300% is unsustainable long term, but the service demonstrates that a consistent, steady and selective approach pays longer term.
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2. UKRN Early Bird Strike Rate 25% ROI 60%
Up one place this week is the UKRN Early Bird service but again this rise is based on previous performance in comparison to the poor performance of others. There have been no selections from this service the past week and the overall performance has been a little erratic. There is a feeling in our waters that this one may fade by the wayside. Let’s hope that they prove us wrong.
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3. Andy Bell Strike Rate 37% ROI 54%
Another climber this week is Andy Bell, up two places. A 2/1 winner helped to steady the flow as the service dropped two points over the past week, but that isn’t detrimental given the current strike rate and ROI.
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4. Win NapsterStrike Rate 39% ROI 50%
Another climber two places is Win Napster and there climb is justified with Dhaular Dar a 7/1 winner from their three selections this week.
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5. ITK RacingStrike Rate 35% ROI 48%
ITK Racing is a re-entry having been in the table previously back in May this year with an average of 10 points profit so far this month. Hopefully they can build on this and it isn’t just a flash in the pan.
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6. Exchange ProfitsStrike Rate 57% ROI 44%
Exchange Profits has had a good week this week and profits for July are now at 20+ points with 4 winners from 11 selections with prices ranging from 10/11 to 11/2.
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7. Fantastic EightsStrike Rate 22% ROI 38%
Fantastic Eights is pretty prolific in the number of selections it offers with its service and this week has seen a loss overall on the week, but they are still some 60+points in profit over the 30 day period.
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8. Gold PlatedStrike Rate 20% ROI 30%
Gold Plated have lost some 20 points over the past week, and the number of selections has been high, but it can’t be denied that they are still over 70 points up for the month which is no mean feat.
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9. Lucky 7 NapsStrike Rate 27% ROI 29%
Lucky 7 Naps re-enters the table this week after a good week has brought their profits tally for July up to just over 40 points. Winners have included Wor Lass 13/2, Le Notre 3/1, Strath Burn 13/2, Pacify 7/2 and several shorter priced winners.
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10. Unity Racing ClubStrike Rate 265 ROI 14%
Unity racing Club is a re-entry to the table this week. This service appears to be a bit of a rollercoaster. The past week though has seen their profits back to early heights. Not shout out amazing but a profit nonetheless including winners from Hulcolt 4/1, Ghinia 7/2
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Todays Selection

13:55 Ayr Ingleby Valley 2\1 Bet365

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